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Twin Sisters Walulla Gap and the Columbia River
Twin Sisters Walulla Gap and the Columbia River


Places to go is a challenging question to answer. Ice Age Floods National Geologic Trail covers some 16,000 square miles (41,440 km2) in present day Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. Amazing visitor experiences are around every corner. This unique 'park' experience invites you to customize your visit, take in flood ravaged landscapes and experience the living culture of the region how you would like to experience it.

To help visitors to the area better plan the National Park Service has prepared a list of associated sites that visitors might enjoy.

Expore 'places' with connections to the Ice Age Floods by state below.

a sign with the word eddy has a green valley and railroad tracks heading into the distance
Visit Montana

Glacial Lake Missoula

A lake reflecting coulds with a green mountain in the background
Visit Idaho

The Breakout Zone

dark canyon walls give way to a sunny distant landscpe of a flooded coulee.
Visit Washington

Channeled Scablands

a flat boulder sits on a hill with a green valley in the background
Visit Oregon

Willamette Valley and Columbia River

Last updated: February 17, 2023

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