Hopewell Furnace has a storied past. From industrial site to national historic site, the meaning of the natural and cultural resources have changed over the years. Some people have called Hopewell their home, workplace and recreational opportunity. Today, visitors are a part of Hopewell Furnace’s continuing story as a place of community, learning and exploration.

Civilian Conservation Corps
Civilian Conservation Corps

Learn about the role of the Civilian Conservation Corps in the development of Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site.

Iron stove plate that features the words "Mark Bird", "Hopewell" and the date "1772".
Cast Iron Stove Production

Discover how cast iron stoves were produced at Hopewell Furnace.

Cannon sits in grass.
Hopewell and the American Revolution

Learn about Hopewell's role in the fight for American independence.

Wooden water wheel powers bellows.
Hopewell and the Industrial Revolution

Learn about Hopewell's role in the Industrial Revolution.

Charcoal Stack
Charcoal Making

Discover the storied tradition of charcoal making at Hopewell Furnace.

Brick opening of furnace stack.
Iron Making

Learn how iron was made at Hopewell Furnace.

Wooden frame of the Cast House.
Cast House Reconstruction

Learn how the Cast House at Hopewell Furnace came to be reconstructed.

Feeding wool into spinning wheel.
Spinning Wool to Clothe the Ironworker

Learn the importance of sheep and their wool in creating clothes for ironworkers and families.

Black and white image of buildings related to furnace operation
Hopewell Furnace: 250th Anniversary

Learn about Hopewell Furnace's journey from industrial site to National Historic Site.


Discover key moments in Hopewell Furnace's story with this Timeline.

Last updated: December 12, 2020

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