Major General Andrew Jackson to wife Rachel Jackson

Head quarters Fort Williams
April 1rst. 1814
My Dear,
I returned to this place on yesterday three oclock P.M. from an excursion against Tohopeka, and about one hour after had the pleasure of receiving your affectionate letter of the 22nd ultimo----

I have the pleasure to state to you that on the 27th march that I attacked & have destroyed the whole combined force, of the Newyokas, oakfuskes, Hillabays, Fishponds, ocaias, and ufalee, Tribes – The carnage was dreadfull – They had possessed themselves of one of the most military sites, I Ever saw, which they had as strongly fortified with logs, across the neck of a bend – I endeavored, to levell the works with my cannon, but in vain – The balls passed thro the works without shaking the wall – but carrying destruction to the enemy behind it – I had sent Genl Coffee across the river, with his horse and Indians who had compleatly surrounded the bend which cut off (compleatly) their escape – and the Cherokees Effected a landing on the extreme point of the bend with about one hundred and fifty of Genls coffees Brigade, including Capt Russles spy company – The Battle raged, about two hours, when I found those engaged in the interior of the bend, were about to be overpowered, I ordered, the charge and carried the works, by storm – after which they Indians took possessession of the river bank, and part of their works raised with brush getting into the interior of the bend – and It was dark before we finished killing them – I ordered the dead bodies of the Indians to be counted, the next morning, and exclusive of those buried in their watry grave, who were killed in the [river] and who after being wounded plunged into it, there were counted, five hundred and fifty seven – from the report of Genl Coffee and the officers surrounding the bend, they are of the opinion, that there could not be less than three hundred, killed in the river, who sunk and could not be counted – I have no doubt, but at least Eight hundred and fifty were slain – about twenty who had hid under the bank in the water, made their Escape in the night, one of whom was taken the next morning who gives this account, that they were all wounded from which I believe about 19 wounded Indians alone escaped – we took about three hundred and fifty prisoners, weomen & children and three warriors – What effect this will produce upon those infatuated and deluded people I cannot yet say – having destroyed To’hope’ka, three of the principal prophets leaving but two in their nation – having tread their holy ground as they termed it, and destroyed all their chiefs & warriors on the Tallapoosee river above the big bend, it is probable they my now sue for peace should they not (If I can be supplied with provisions) I will give them, with the permission of heaven the final stroke at the hickory ground, in a few days we have lost in killed of the whites 26, and one hundred and seven wounded – amonghst the former is Major Montgomery who bravely fell on the walls, and of the latter Colo. Carroll – slightly – our friends all safe, and Jack you may say to Mrs. Caffery realized all my expectations he fought bravely – and killed an Indian – every officer and man did his duty - the 39th distinguished themselves and so did the militia, who stormed the works with them. There never was more heroism of roman courage displayed – I write in haste surrounded with a pressure of business, and a little fatigued - I will write you again before I leave this place – for the present I can only add, that I hope shortly to put an end to the war and return to your arms, kiss my little Andrew for me, tell him I have a warriors bow & quiver for him – give my compliments to all friends, and cheer up the spirits of your Sister Cafferry – and receive my sincere prayers for your health & happiness untill I return – affectionately adieu –
Andrew Jackson

Source: The Papers of Andrew Jackson, Vol. III, 1814-15, Moser, Harold D. ed., et al.

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