Junior Ranger Arrowhead Activity

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What is A National Park?

National parks are special places that are important to everyone in the Untied States. We can tell what national parks protect by looking at the arrowhead, which is the symbol of the National Park Service.
  • The shape represents culture and history
  • The bison represents wildlife
  • The tree represents plants
  • The mountain represents plants
  • The mountain represents the beautiful scenery
  • The lake represents natural resources (like clean air and water)
The mission of the National Park Service is to protect these special places for future generations (you, your children, and your grandchildren).

Now, it is time to learn some Hawaiian words that relate to the National Park Service mission:
  • Kōkua: To help
  • Mālama: To care for
  • ‘Āina: The land
In traditional Hawaiian culture, helping one another and caring for the land are central values. This is how one honors their ancestors and takes care of future generations. Now, put those Hawaiian words together into a sentence. Say the sentence out loud to your family or a friend. Then answer the questions below.

All people should _____________ (help) to _____________ (care for) the ____________ (land).

How are these traditional Hawaiian values similar to the National Park Service mission?

Last updated: April 7, 2020

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