GPS Coordinates

GPS users will find coordinates for many popular park locations in the chart below. All coordinates are given in decimal degrees from WGS84 datum.

When using your GPS to navigate about the park, please keep these suggestions in mind.

  • Obey all posted signs and park regulations
  • Don't blindly follow your GPS! It may know where to go but not necessarily the best way to get there (for example, some roads here are one way). An electric device is no substitute for common sense.
  • Be wary of accidentally traveling on private lands in order to access public areas. This area is a patchwork of public and private lands.
Location Latitude Longitude
Arlington Memorial Bridge 38.887475 -77.055144
Belle Haven Park 38.777808 -77.051411
Collingwood Picnic Area 38.728600 -77.042420
Columbia Island Marina 38.876852 -77.048911
Daingerfield Island 38.830548 -77.042806
Fort Hunt Park 38.715954 -77.048085
Fort Marcy 38.933809 -77.125483
Gravelly Point 38.865734 -77.040231
Jones Point Park 38.793664 -77.041411
Navy-Marine Memorial 38.876351 -77.047291
Parkway Headquarters 38.963513 -77.154150
Roaches Run Waterfowl Sanctuary 38.865392 -77.041411
Riverside Park 38.710797 -77.071517
Turkey Run Park 38.961311 -77.146854

Last updated: July 16, 2019

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