(Temporary Construction) Special Use Permit

Contractors requesting to perform work on lands administered by George Washington Memorial Parkway to include Great Falls Park Virginia, Clara Barton Parkway, and Spout Run Parkway are required to obtain a permit prior to starting work. It generally will take about 30 days to obtain the permit, though some may be faster, for example, simple plans with very low potential for impacts to NPS resources may require less time to permit.

Items to consider including with the NPS GWMP Application for SUP_construction include:

Description of work (scope) including location, staging area, and impacts to NPS resources including but not limited to streets, sidewalks, turf, trees, structures, and access to facilities. (You will be notified if specific protection plans are required and will be provided a preliminary information checklist to assist in your preparation of supporting documents required for NPS review). Examples of such plans are management of traffic plans in accordance with MUTCD

Completed applications for construction special use permits must be received and final permit issued before any construction begins. There is a $200 nonrefundable application fee for construction special use permits. Send the completed form NPS GWMP 10-930 Application for SUP_construction to peter_mccallum@nps.gov and a permit number will be assigned. The application fee may be completed in the form of a Pay.gov transaction.

Pay.gov - George Washington Memorial Parkway Special Use Permit Resource Management Fees

The USPP can assist in planned lane closures to provide an officer and police vehicle present for the safety of the visitors, motorists, and work crews working on the road. A USPP staff supervisor will be provided with the final special use permit. Cost recovery charges are necessary at a 5 hour minimum and pre-coordinated well in advance of the work being performed in the roadway.

Contact Peter McCallum at 703-419-6435 for an application and guidance to process your request.

Last updated: June 12, 2023

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