4th (Ivy) Infantry Division Memorial

The 4th (Ivy) Infantry Division Memorial is dedicated to the 4th Division of the U.S. Army, which has served since World War I. The Memorial is one of a series of memorials that line Memorial Avenue, the entrance to Arlington National Cemetery.


History & Culture

4th (Ivy) Infantry Division The 4th Division, commonly called the "Ivy Division" after its Roman numeral designation, was organized in December of 1917 to serve in the American Expeditionary Force in World War I. It was involved in the Battle of Mame, during which it fought for 28 consecutive days and sustaining almost 13,000 casualties.

The Division was reactivated to serve in World War II. The 4th Infantry Division participated in the Normandy Invasion and campaigns in the Rhineland, Ardennes, and central Europe enduring 22,000 casualties. The 4th Division was called to war again for the Vietnam War fighting in the Tet Counteroffensive. The Division continues to serve in current conflicts.


The 4th Division Memorial was authorized by Congress in 1935, but not completed for another 65 years. It consists of a 6.5 foot tall square bronze representation of the 4th Division's shoulder insignia, a diamond with four ivy leaves arranged in a cross pattern. The bronze sculpture rests on a 20 foot long marble base. The base contains soil from the 4th Division's battlefields that is planted with ivy.


Last updated: September 21, 2020

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