Interested in becoming a volunteer or scheduling your group for a service event?

Does your organization want to plan a day of service? Are you an individual looking for service hours or a way to give back to your community? Perhaps you would like to give back by completing a service project with George Washington Memorial Parkway! Volunteers assist in a myriad of fun and meaningful projects that help to protect the park’s natural and cultural resources and ensure the enjoyment of visitors, present and future.

Some examples of projects include invasive species removals, trash clean ups along the shore of the Potomac River, and gardening at the Arlington House, among others. Projects take place on both weekdays and weekends, and are available on a recurring basis as well as for one-time volunteering. Tools and gloves are provided. Volunteers can receive community service hours for these projects.

Current Drop-in Volunteer Opportunities:

Many of our recurring volunteer opportunities at George Washington Memorial Parkway happen through our partner groups. To learn more about these organizations and find out how you can join them in their volunteer efforts, visit the pages linked below:

Alice Ferguson Foundation: https://fergusonfoundation.org/events_list/

Friends of Dyke Marsh: https://fodm.org/

Friends of the Mount Vernon Trail: https://mountvernontrail.org/events/

Potomac Conservancy: https://potomac.org/events

If you have a group that is interested in volunteering, and do not see a project that interests you with one of our partners, contact the volunteer program coordinator Trudy Roth (trudy_roth@nps.gov) to help schedule an event that works for your group.

Current Individual Volunteer Positions:

If you are interested to volunteer on a regular basis as an individual see the current volunteer opportunities list on volunteer.gov which will be updated as new positions become available. Follow the links below for more information on and to apply to individual opportunities.

Mount Vernon Trail Patrol
Patrol along the multi-use trail as a welcoming representative of the George Washington Memorial Parkway. Inform visitors about rules and regulations along the multi-use trail and the parkway.

Visitor Services Front Desk at Turkey Run Park
The primary purpose of the position is to provide orientation and information to assist visitors in making choices during their visit. The work involves providing non-recurring information on a regular basis, regarding natural, historic, and cultural features, answering questions, and providing visitor information services. This position is located at Turkey Run Park and is available Monday - Friday from 8 am - 4 pm.

US Marine Corps War Memorial & Netherlands Carillon Special Event Volunteer
On foot or at an information desk, greet park visitors and answer questions about the history of the USMC War Memorial and Netherlands Carillon during events. In the summer, Marine Corps Sunset Parades happen on Tuesday evenings and Netherlands Carillon concerts occur on Saturday evenings. This position also assists park staff with event set up and clean up.

Arlington House Visitor Services Volunteer
Greet, orient, and educate the public at Arlington House, The Robert E. Lee Memorial. Join us in talking to the public about the Civil War, the enslaved families who lived at Arlington Plantation, and the creation of the park (Lost Cause mythology and glorification/deification of Robert E. Lee and the Confederacy will not be acceptable).

Two volunteers with full bags of trash on the Mount Vernon Trail

Volunteer Service Agreements

The onboarding process to become a volunteer consists of a Volunteer Service Agreement (OF301a). The volunteer service agreement is a contract between the NPS and the volunteer. It identifies rights and responsibilities, time frames and commitments, and support. This agreement is the park or program’s opportunity to define the expectations and parameters for service. It’s also an opportunity for the prospective volunteer to ensure they understand the role and requirements and confirm their willingness to serve in that capacity. A properly executed volunteer agreement is a key tool of successful volunteer program management.

The volunteer service agreement must be signed by the volunteer and an official government representative. Every completed OF 301a must include an accurate and detailed service description, either on the form or as an attachment. The volunteer service agreement legally enrolls an individual in the NPS VIP Program and provides them with federal protection in case of injury or tort claim. The original signed volunteer service agreement should be reviewed annually, to be revised and renewed if necessary.


For our visitor-facing volunteer positions, such as front desk work or interpretive tours at the Arlington House, interviews will be required. The purpose of these interviews is to ensure that the prospective volunteer understands their role and how they are expected to interact with the public, in line with changing guidance. Volunteers who are offered these positions should expect to re-interview on a yearly basis, so as to confirm that they are still a good fit for the position.

Last updated: September 8, 2023

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