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Visitors enjoy the scenery inside the historic depot.
Visitors enjoy the historic depot overlooking Lake Superior.

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With a spectacular setting next to Lake Superior, Grand Portage National Monument, entirely within Grand Portage Indian Reservation, is rich in natural and cultural history. The Park protects two depots of the North West Company, the main depot on Lake Superior and the site of Fort Charlotte on the Pigeon River. The 8.5 mile Grand Portage trail connects the depots and contains most of the acerage of the Monument.

From 1854, when Grand Portage Indian Reservation was formed, to the present, Ojibwe people, historians and archaeologists have protected the artifacts, history and cultural and natural heritage of Grand Portage. Look through these pages for Grand Portage's annual special event, Rendezvous Days and Powwow and look at artifacts and cultural items in the Monument's museum collections.

Visitors view the park's annual newsletter on the front steps of the Great Hall.
The newsletter contains new articles and information about the park every year.


Park Newsletters and News Releases

Mount Josephine is set aglow during sunset.
Mount Josephine aglow in the setting sun.

Photos and Multimedia

Photo Galleries, Video and Virtual Tour

Interpreter welcomes visitors to the Great Hall.
A fur trade partner welcomes visitors in the Great Hall.

History and Culture

Places (The Historic Gardens, Park Archaeology) and Collections (Ojibwe Art and Fur Trade Collections).

Layered cliffs and tabular blocks of graywacke sandstone.
Cliffs and tabular blocks of sandstone and shale of the Rove Formation.

Nature & Science

Natural features and Ecosystems

Cornhusk/Voyageur doll making.
Cornhusk/Voyager Doll Making is a popular workshop during Grand Portage's annual Rendezvous Days and Powwow.


Suggested Reading and Other Resources (Management Plans, Reports and Studies)

Lacrosse sticks held high before a game begins.
Kids made their own baaga'adowe/lacrosse sticks during a park sponsored workshop then played a game.

Kids & Youth

Be A Junior Ranger

Grand Portage maintenance puts up a routed sign.
Grand Portage maintenance puts up a routed sign.


Laws and Policies, Your Dollars at Work

Eastern National bookstore personnel
Eastern National employees help visitors during Rendezvous Days and Powwow.


Eastern National bookstore

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