Stories from Gichi Onigaming

A person sitting next to a partially constructed birchbark canoe under a birchbark shelter.
Traditional Birchbark Canoe Under Construction

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Grand Portage National Monument, established January 27, 1960, is the first unit with co-management written into its enabling legislation. This means the Grand Portage Band of Lake Superior Anishinaabe has equal say in decisions and equal hiring authority. Six miles from the Canadian border and within the Tribal lands of the Grand Portage Anishinaabe, it occupies a historic place for several reasons. Before this border was established, the Anishinaabe Nation traveled the Lake Superior watershed seasonally. Now people with family on both sides of the border continue their traditions. Anishinaabe have a long history here, tracing a connection to people for thousands of years, through the European fur trade, to the present day. Here are some stories of staff who work here.

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    Last updated: February 28, 2024

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