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Civil Conservation Corps Crew Grand Portage 1936
Civil Conservation Corps Indian Division Crew Grand Portage, 1936.

Minnesota Historical Society

MHS archeologist Ralph Brown shown with Ojibwe assitants from Grand Portage.
In 1936 the MHS sent archaeologist Ralph Brown to Grand Portage. With help from a Grand Portage Ojibwe crew, Brown defined the stockade line and discovered several foundations within it.

NPS Photo / Willoughby Babcock

The first research at what would eventually become Grand Portage National Monument was spearheaded by the Minnesota Historical Society. In 1922 the MHS sent Dewey Albinson to Grand Portage, his main goal was to relocate the original footpath and draw maps of the upper "Fort Charlotte" end. With the aide of an Ojibwe guide, Albinson completed this and also composed a now famous image of Manitou Geezigance (Little Cedar Spirit Tree). In 1999 a new Division of Resources Management was formed at Grand Portage National Monument. Since then, new research and studies that have been accomplished are reflected in the links below.

Management Plans

1. Foundation Document Overview Grand Portage National Monument 2017 (2,857 KB pdf)
2. Foundation Document Grand Portage National Monument 2017 (6,440 KB pdf)

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