Horseback Riding Trails

See image below for designated bridle trails for horseback riding throughout the park. The park does not offer horseback rides but they are available through several commercial business in the Gettysburg area. Visit Destination Gettysburg for further information. For the safety of both animal and rider, protection of other visitors and park resources, riders must remain on designated horse trails at all times.

For visitors who bring their own horses to the park, limited trailer parking is available at McMillan Woods on West Confederate Avenue. On weekends during spring, summer and fall, the parking area for horse trailers can fill up quickly. Since parking is limited it is best to arrive early. Once the lot is full, there are no other places for trailers to park on the battlefield. If that happens, horse riders need to be flexible and consider other horse riding venues in the area:


Catoctin National Park, Thurmont, MD, (301) 663-9288
web site:
Large Parking area - 5 trails totaling 30 miles.

Codorus State Park, Hanover, PA (717) 637-2816
web site:
40 trailer parking- 8 miles of trails.

Gifford Pinchot State Park, Lewisberry, PA (717) 292-4112
web site:
6 miles of riding trails.

Michaux State Forest, Fayetteville, PA (717) 352-2211
web site:
Large Parking area; call for information on length of trails.

Bridle trails are open year round however, the Slyder Farm trail is closed to horses Monday – Friday during the months of April, May, and October due to its use for student education programs.

Pedestrian and Horse Trails Map
Pedestrian and Horse Trails map

NPS Image

Horseback riding at Gettysburg

(Harry Waters, NPS)

Other conditions concerning the use of horses or pack animals:

  • Operators of horse (draft animal) drawn vehicles will conform to the Pennsylvania motor vehicle code, Title 75 sections 3103 (Traffic Regulation applicable), Section 4303(e) (Lighting Requirements) and section 4529 (Slow Moving Vehicle emblem required). All such vehicles shall utilize manure catchers as part of the tack.
  • Horse trail riding prohibited after sunset.
  • Horses may only be secured by tying them to a hitching rack, a horse trailer or by cross tying them between two trees so they cannot damage the trees by foraging on the bark or branches.
  • Horses must be attended at all times to prevent third party injuries. Groups of riders must maintain a single file line. Jumping of stone walls, fences or other structures, racing or riding at excessive speeds is prohibited.
  • Pedestrians will also use this trail. Pedestrians have the right of way. Please keep horses at a slow walk while passing pedestrians. Do not obstruct the trail or make unreasonable noise while passing other horses.
  • Horses and pack animals shall not be watered at the water spigot in the McMillan Woods Campground. Water may be carried in pails to the animals.
  • The horse trailer parking area and roadways in McMillan Woods Campground must be kept free of manure. All horse or pack animal excrement in this area must be collected and carried out by the animal's owner or rider. Horses are not permitted on any area of the actual campground or any campsite.
  • Engaging in commercial trail riding activities in Gettysburg National Military Park without a permit is prohibited.
  • A permit is required for groups with 15 or more horses.

Notify National Park Rangers through the Adams County Dispatch Center for any emergencies, (717) 334-8101.

Note: Under emergency circumstances the park may close the trail temporarily or sections of the trail without prior notice. The closures will be signed and the park Visitor Center will know the current status of the horse trails (717) 334-1124 ext. 8023

Last updated: June 15, 2024

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