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Bicycles are welcome at Gettysburg National Military Park and there are certain precautions to take while on park grounds:

  • Traffic on park roads can be very busy during summer months and weekends in the spring and fall. Park avenues intersect with busy public roads and traffic can be heavy at those intersections so please observe STOP signs and use caution when passing through intersections.
  • Riding is restricted to paved park roads and avenues ONLY. Off-road cycling is strictly prohibited.
  • Riders should walk their bikes while on pedestrian walks and trails.
  • Bicycles will not be ridden within the National Cemetery or the National Cemetery Annex. Bicycle racks are located at both entrances to the National Cemetery. You may also dismount and walk your bicycle within the boundaries of the Cemetery, complying with the National Park Service request for silence and respect.
  • Bicycle racks are located at Parking Lot 1 at the Museum and Visitor Center. Racks are also located at several stops throughout the park and riders are urged to use locks and security devices while bikes are left unattended.
  • The National Park Service urges bicyclists to wear proper safety equipment and bright colored clothing so that you can be easily seen by motorists who may be distracted by the park scene.

Bicyclists into Adams County should check on line for advice on bike trails and paths through this area. All of the roads into Gettysburg are heavily traveled throughout the year and few have adequate shoulders to keep riders out of harm's way. To reduce the inherent hazards of operating bicycles on several of the State highways that run through the park, bicycles may be operated in a careful and prudent manner in opposition to the one-way direction of traffic on one-way park roads. Route 97 and Route 134 south of Gettysburg are the primary access roads to the Museum and Visitor Center.

Last updated: October 31, 2017

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