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Built in 1808, the Michael Bushman Farm stands along the Emmitsburg Road, nestled within famous landmarks like Little Round Top and Devil's Den near the Slyder Farm. The two-story stone home with a brick edition became a staging ground for Confederate General John Bell Hood’s attack on July 2. General Hood sent his men through the Bushman property to attack Little Round Top and Devil’s Den. The barn became one of the primary aide stations on July 2 and 3 for Hood’s men. Michael and Amelia found their home looted and eight Confederate soldiers buried next to the barn when they returned.
After the battle, Amelia passed away in 1875 and Michael remarried in 1878 to Louisa Rupp. Michael passed away 15 years later but left Louisa in a predicament. Michael never updated his will to include Louisa, and stated the property belonged to his children with Amelia. Amelia and Michael never had any children and left Louisa homeless. The home was sold to the Gettysburg Battlefield Memorial Association in 1894, and later transferred to the National Park Service in 1933.

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