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These documents from the GNMP VI7-65 Texas Monument Files are related to the NPS approval of the erection of the Texas Memorial on the Gettysburg Battlefield. They are presented in chronological order.

1. Mrs. Felix H. Robertson, Fighting Generals of the Confederacy to PA Secretary of State, September 11, 1934
Mrs. Robertson’s interest in a Texas memorial comes at a time when the selection of a monument suitable for the Gettysburg Battlefield is overseen by the Secretary of War and he has the final authority in its selection. Her interest is in a marker for General Jerome B. Robertson, commander of the Texas Brigade during the Battle of Gettysburg and she requests information for placing a “marker or statuary in the Park.”

2. Betty Houston-Marden to Superintendent GNMP (James R. McConaghie), October 5, 1934
As a representative for the Brenham Banner Publishing Company and assisting Mrs. Felix H. Robertson, she is requesting any information regarding erecting a marker for General Jerome B. Robertson at Gettysburg. She wonders if Texas has “any monument to her soldiers who fought in the war between the states” on the Gettysburg Battlefield and she closes by writing “Any courtesy shown [Mrs. Robertson] in this matter will be appreciated by the writer.”

3. Dr. R. L. Jones, Historical Technician, Department of the Interior to Mrs. F. H. Robertson - November 19, 1934
Dr. Jones from the Department of Interior mentions he’s responding to a letter from Mr. Allison (Mr. Allison’s letter is not in the GNMP collection). Mr. Jones sends pictures of the Virginia, North Carolina and Alabama monuments which are the only Confederate States with monuments currently on the field at Gettysburg. “It is the hope here that at some date in the not far distant future, every Confederate state will have suitable memorials on the Battlefield of Gettysburg.”

4. Henry M. Scharf, Gettysburg Centennial Committee and Manager of the Gettysburg Hotel to Mr. George W. Hill, Texas State Historical Survey Committee (TSHSC), February 3, 1962
This 1962 letter from Henry Scharf regrets Mr. Hill was “unable to pursue your plan to drive to Gettysburg today” but offers “every possible assistance” in dedicating a Texas monument as part of the Gettysburg Centennial program. He concludes by stating “Mr. Swope joins me in sending kindest regards and we look forward to receiving word from you when you will be here.” (Note: Donald M. Swope was a Gettysburg Attorney and member of the Gettysburg Centennial Committee.)

5. Jackson Price, Asst. Director, Department of Interior to George W. Hill, Director, TSHSC, received March 11, 1963
Mr. Price is “happy to answer” Mr. Hill’s questions of March 1 (not in the GNMP collection). Mr. Jackson proceeds to detail the steps and restrictions that are necessary for erecting a monument at Gettysburg. He goes on to state “the marker which you illustrate in the photograph appears to be appropriate in design. We would however prefer a tawny, reddish brown stone to the gray granite which you suggest.”

6. Mr. George Hill, Director, TSHSC and Texas Civil War Centennial Committee to James B. Myers, Superintendent, GNMP, March 28, 1963
In this first contact with Supt. Myers Mr. Hill introduces himself as representing The Texas State Historical Survey and Committee and the Texas Civil War Centennial Commission. Both he and these organizations “wish to place a historical marker” for Texas troops on the Gettysburg battlefield. He further indicates, in deference to Mr. Jackson’s suggestion, Texas pink granite would be used and asks that Supt. Myers provide a proposed location on a map. He also “would appreciate” information about monument firms in the Gettysburg area which might “assist us in erecting the marker.”

7. John Ben Shepperd President, TSHSC to James Meyers, Superintendent GNMP, April 1, 1963
Mr. Shepperd references Mr. Hill’s letter and provides Mr. Myers with a tight timetable in which he states, “we have to complete it before September 1, or the appropriation will lapse.” He closes with “for these reasons any help that you could give us in expediting this matter would be deeply appreciated.”

8. Kitteridge Wing, Supt., GNMP to Mr. George Hill, Director, TSHSC, April 3, 1963
Supt. Wing alerts Mr. Hill that a Texas marker for “Hood’s Texas Brigade” already is placed near the location selected by the Texas committee and limits “the area suitable for placing the new memorial.” However, these “complications can be worked out and a very presentable site can be designated.” The Superintendent also provides Mr. Hill with a list of firms “which can help you in placing the memorial.”

9. Kitteridge Wing, Supt., GNMP to John Shepperd President, TSHSC, April 4, 1963
Supt. Wing mentions Shepperd’s letter of April 1, which arrived after he had responded to Mr. Hill’s letter of March 28 and enclosed a copy for Mr. Shepperd. Supt. Wing closes “Please be assured that you can count on our cooperation.”

10. George Hill, Director, TSHSC to Kitteridge Wing, Supt., GNMP, (Enclosures Included), May 24, 1963
Mr. Hill lists two proposed sites for the Texas monument at Gettysburg:“1. The west side of Emmitsburg Road on aline directly west of Big Round Top 2. On the road between Devil’s Den and Big Round Top (or is this location considered part of Union Avenue?)”And “enclosed is the form for granting the State of Texas permission to erect the memorial … Also enclosed is a copy of the design.”

11. Kitteridge Wing, Supt., GNMP to George Hill Exec. Director, TSHS, May 27, 1963
Supt. Wing writes that the monument design submitted on March 24, “will very likely receive approval” but the proposed “Devils Den and Big Round Top” is “in a limited area near the junction of West Confederate Avenue and the Emmitsburg Road.” He recommends “the only truly appropriate spot for your purposes” is the “area near the junction of West Confederate Avenue and the Emmitsburg Road.”

12. George Hill Exec. Director, TSHSC to Kitteridge Wing, Supt., GNMP, (Proposed Inscription and form enclosed), June 12, 1963
Mr. Hill encloses two copies for the proposed Texas monument inscription, and again provides a permission form to be filled out by the NPS which is needed to begin work and notifies Supt. Wing “we will accept your recommendation for the location.”

13. Frederic Tilberg, Historian GNMP note to Kitteridge Wing, Supt., GNMP, June 14, 1963
A handwritten note from the GNMP Historian details the Official Records submitted by Major Bane for the 4th Texas indicating the command devolves from Col. John Key to Major Bane but states “It can be safely assumed however, that Lt. Col. Carter succeeded Colonel Key.” Tilberg also indicates “The last line could be considered praise.” A phrase that could violate the restriction that a monument inscription can “neither praise nor censure.” The text Tilberg is referring to is: “Of all the gallant fights they made none was grander than Gettysburg.” Tilberg’s note is initialed by Supt. Wing on June 17th.

15. Kitteridge Wing, Supt., GNMP, to George Hill Exec. Director, TSHSC, June 17, 1963 Supt. Wing notifies Mr. Hill that there are “two or three small points for discussion in the proposed” [inscription]” then proceeds to list them. Also, the issue of the command status of the 4th Texas regarding Lt. Col. Carter during the battle versus the Official Records does not substantiate the claim. Issues of this nature are also apparent in the command of the 3rd Arkansas. Supt. Wing will rely on Mr. Hill and his committee to decide which officer will appear on the monument. Once these matters are resolved he will forward the design and inscription to Washington for possible approval.

16. Charles Porter III, Chief Historian, NPS to Kitteridge Wing, Supt., GNMP, June 18, 1963
Even though this note from Mr. Porter is dated the 18th and Supt. Wing’s letter to Mr. Hill is dated June 17th, it seems obvious Supt. Wing uses Porter’s summary of the Texas Brigade’s action on July 2nd to correct some of the concerns they have with Mr. Hill’s proposed inscription of June 12th.

17. George Hill, Exec. Director, TSHSC to Kitteridge Wing, Supt., GNMP, (No copies of the Revised Inscription are Included), June 19, 1963
Mr. Hill agrees with Supt. Wing’s word changes of “south” for “east” and will use the entire brigade’s losses for the monument. However, his committee feels that Harold Simpson, who prepared the inscription, believes and has included in his book “Gaines Mill to Appomattox” the assessment that Lt. Col. Carter was in command of the 4th Texas at Gettysburg.

18. Memorandum, Kitteridge Wing, Supt., GNMP to Regional Director, Northeast Region, NPS, June 25, 1963
Supt. Wing forwards the Texas monument design, revised inscription and site location to the NPS Regional Director along with GNMP’s approval along with the Texas work order that must be signed by the Director.

19. Telegram Kittridge Wing, Supt., GNMP to George Hill Exec. Director, TSHSC, June 26, 1963
Mr. Hill is notified that the NPS Regional Director has approved the proposed Texas monument design as summitted to him and he will forward it to Washington for final approval. A note written on the copy of the telegram indicates the “Plan & inscription hand carried to WASO by Dr. Tilberg 6/27/63.”

20. Memorandum, George Palmer, Acting Northeast Regional Director to Director, NPS, June 28, 1963
This detailed memo from the Acting Regional Director officially notifies the NPS Director that he has approved the plan for the Texas monument on the Gettysburg Battlefield.

21. Charles Porter III, Chief Historian, NPS to George Hill Exec. Director, TSHSC, July 12, 1963
Mr. Porter forwards the permission form signed by Jackson Price, Assistant Director of the Department of Interior for work to begin on the Texas monument for the Gettysburg Battlefield.

22. Tony Stasswender, A. Stasswender, Marble & Granite to Kitteridge Wing, Supt., GNMP, July 29, 1963
Mr. Stasswender requests Supt. Wing provide additional details which will be needed for his firm to prepare a bid to the State (Texas) Building Commission for the erection of “Confederate Markers in various Parks…”

23. Kitteridge Wing, Supt., GNMP to Tony Stasswender, A. Stasswender Marble & Granite, August 1, 1963
Supt. Wing provides the details requested by Mr. Stasswender for the erection of the Texas monument.

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