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These documents from the GNMP V17-64 Tennessee Monument Files are related to the NPS approval of the erection of the Tennessee Memorial on the Gettysburg Battlefield. They are presented in chronological order.

1. Endorsements for the Tennessee Monument, February 25, 1967 – February 26, 1969
This collection of letters for current and former military, Tennessee fraternity groups, and other Tennessee based organization detail their commitment to putting up a Tennessee Monument as a community, rather than the Tennessee Confederate High Command.

2. Tennessee Memorial Congressional Support Letters to Mr. Donald A, Ramsey Confederate High Command (CHC), CHC Department of War Memorials/President, CHC, May 3 – September 7, 1967
Five U.S. House Representatives from North Carolina (William R. Anderson, Richard Fulton, Joe L. Evins, Robert A. Everett, and James H. Quillen) wrote separate letters of support for the proposed Tennessee Monument at Gettysburg National Park addressed to Mr. Donald A, Ramsey, CHC Department of War Memorials, President Confederate High Command (CHC).

4. “The Confederate High Command International” Brochure entitled “A Program to Erect the Tennessee Monument on the Gettysburg National Military Park in Memory of the 1st, 7thand 14th Tennessee Infantry Regiments,” addressed to Superintendent George Emery, GNMP, and a copy of Tennessee Assembly Joint Resolution No. 69 for a Tennessee Regimental Monument to be Erected in Gettysburg NMP, November 26, 1968
Under the auspices of the “Department of War Memorials of the Confederate High Command,” a fund-raising program was initiated to erect a Tennessee Monument on the Gettysburg Battlefield in the Gettysburg National Military Park. This brochure describes the genesis for their fund-raising efforts. The officers of “The Executive Commission” of the CHC “Department of War Memorials” are listed

5. Tennessee Assembly Joint Resolution No. 69, Acts of 1967, November 6, 1968
A Resolution that explains the justification and plans to erect a monument on the Gettysburg battlefield, with the help of the National Park Service, after approval, and a search for a sculptor of the monument.

6. In Memory of Lt. Donald Ramsay Jr., February 9, 1969
An obituary for the late son of General Donald Ramsay, Confederate High Command. Donald Jr. passed away in a car accident and was a member of the Confederate High Command in Tennessee.

7. Minutes of Meeting of the State Building, Building Commission Project, February 19, 1969
Meeting minutes to approve the Senate Joint Resolution No. 69.

8. Order of the Southern Star, July 29, 1969
A short article about Miss Tennessee’s involvement with the original Tennessee monument design. Included are several photographs of Miss Tennessee with the scale model of the original monument design.

10. Press Release by NPS for Dedication of Tennessee Memorial, before July 3, 1982
This NPS press release provides details of the planned dedication of the Tennessee Monument on July 3, 1982 at 2:30pm. Additional details for the ceremony are also provided.

11.The Tennessee Monument Commission Presents the Tennessee-Gettysburg Monument Program, before July 3, 1982
Another fund-raising brochure sponsored by the Tennessee Monument Commission.

12. Tennessee Monument Dedication Program, July 3, 1982
A two-sided pamphlet of the program for the Tennessee Monument including a list of speakers and dignitaries scheduled to attend the ceremony.

13. Dedication Address by James Coleman, July 3, 1982
A copy of the address by Regional Director James W. Coleman scheduled to be given at the Tennessee Monument Dedication is provided. However, the Gettysburg Times article of July 6, 1982 (#12.) states “Prepared speeches could not be read” due to the rain that day.

14. Dedication Address by Donald Ramsay, Chairman, Tennessee Monument Commission, July 3, 1982
Mr. Ramsay’s speech (missing the second page) was also not likely to have been given at the Dedication due to the rain that day.

15. Plan for the Design of the Soldiers for the etching on the Tennessee Monument, July 3, 1982
This represents the artist’s rendering of the soldiers, front and back. for the Tennessee monument before they were etched in granite (in Italy), As well as the landscaping plan for the monument.

16. Original Design Description of Tennessee Memorial, after July 3, 1982 The design process for the Gettysburg Tennessee Monument is fully detailed here with a few handwritten edits.

17. Tennessee Dedication Ceremony, Nashville Banner Article, July 6, 1982 Media Coverage detailing the Tennessee Dedication, including the 21-gun salute and the cost of the monument.

18. Tennessee Monument Dedicated, Gettysburg Times Article, July 6, 1982
“Pouring rain may have dampened the notes for the speeches and the flags on display, but it didn't appear to dampen the spirit of the dedication ceremony for the new Tennessee Memorial… Prepared speeches could not be read. The Gettysburg High School Marching Band could not play the National Anthem or Taps. The papers naming the donors of the memorial could not be sealed inside it. The unveiling was held without a veil. The dye on the state flags ran and the flowergirls’ dresses got muddy.”

19. Design and Fundraising Description of Tennessee Memorial, No Date Many different organizations provided funds for the monument. A brief history of the Tennessee troops on the field at Gettysburg in July 1863 and details of the Tennessee monument’s arrival at Gettysburg were also mentioned

20. Felix de Weldon, Sculptor Biography, No Date
A biography of Felix de Weldon and a partial list of his works are listed.

21. Brief Military History of Tennessee, No Date
A brief description of Tennessee’s military involvement from the Mexican American War to the Korean War

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