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These documents from the GNMP V17-58 North Carolina Monument Files are related to the NPS approval of the erection of the North Carolina Memorial on the Gettysburg Battlefield. They are presented in chronological order.

2. Memo to File E. B. Cope Superintendent shortly after September 28, 1926
In 1895, legislation transferred the deed of the Gettysburg Park from the GBMNPA to the U.S. War Department. In 1926 this was still the case and administration of the Park was overseen by a Military Organizational regimen.

3. Correspondence between Col. F.H. Pope, Assistant Quarter Master Corps (Q.M.C.) and James B. Aumen, Acting Superintendent GNMP, December 11-14, 1926
This group of two documents reflect the way in which correspondence was handled within the War Department and specifically the Quarter Master Corps by which the Gettysburg Park was administered in 1926. It is a thread originating with Col. Pope to the Gettysburg Superintendent about the possibility of a North Carolina Monument at the Gettysburg Park and the need to prepare a map of suitable sites for it. Acting Superintendent Aumen also provides Col. Pope with details of three most recent costs for monuments erected at Gettysburg.

4. Acting Supt. James B. Aumen to Quartermaster General U.S.A., December 14, 1926
A map with possible sites for a North Carolina monument is sent to the Quartermaster General after a visit on September 28th by Mr. Hattes Murphy, Speaker of the NC State House of Representatives and General A.H. Boyden a member of the NC Gettysburg Memorial Commission. A site was selected on East Confederate Avenue.

5. Superintendent E. B. Cope, GNMP to Quartermaster General U.S.A, January 22, 1927 Supt. Cope informs the Quartermaster General of the visit (on September 28th) mentioned by James Aumen in his December 14 correspondence and provides added detail of the site selected “on the east side of East Confederate Avenue,” 2,000 feet south of “Early’s Division marker.”

6. E. B. Cope to Quartermaster General U.S.A, (Includes War Dept. Policy for “Monuments, Markers and Tablets,” as of January 18,1910 by President W.H. Taft), February 2, 1927
Supt. Cope notifies the Quartermaster General that he approves of the site selected by the North Carolina Commission.

7. Dr. Wm. C. Storrick, Gettysburg Guide Supervisor GNMP, Angus W. Nolan, Governor of North Carolina, February 12,1927
Dr. Storrick provides North Carolina Governor McLean with details of recent costs for monuments erected in the Gettysburg Park.

8. Captain J. Biggar, Assistant Q.M.C. to Superintendent GNMP E.E. Davis, August 11, 1927
Capt. Biggar introduces Mrs. Newell of the NC UDC “who wishes to select a site” for the NC monument in the Gettysburg Park for consideration to Supt. Davis.

9. Supt. Davis to Mrs. L. B. Neville, North Carolina Branch United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC), August 12, 1927
Mr. Davis will, if the NC Commission selects the site on West Confederate Avenue north of the Virginia monument, Mr. Davis will recommend it, and if selected, additional landscaping for this site would also be undertaken.

10. Supt. Davis to Mrs. L. B. Neville, NC UDC, August 19, 1927
Referring to the policy established by President Taft in 1910 “There are no monuments or markers within 900 feet of this plot” meaning the Bloody Angle. As such, this site would be “disapproved.” Mr. Davis sends a copy of this policy to Mrs. Neville and suggests “the east side of the stone fence” with “ample area can be made available.”

11. Mrs. L. B. Neville, NC UDC to Supt. Davis, August 20,1927
Mrs. Neville writes “I do hope that there will be no discussion in regard to the place selected on West Confederate Avenue.”

12. Mr. (General) A. H. Boyden, member of North Carolina Gettysburg Memorial Commission (NCGMC), September 1, 1927
The site near the Bloody Angle is still being discussed and Mr. Boyden is hopeful there is still a chance that Washington might change its mind. U.S. Senator Overman has been unable to see the Secretary of War concerning this issue. Boyden asks, “If you could straighten this matter out for me, it would help me a great deal in the final location of the Monument.” He goes on to suggest That perhaps “we ought to group our monuments in and around Lee on his horse, Traveler.”

13. Supt. Davis to General Boyden (NCGMC), September 6, 1927
Mr. Davis provided Mr. Boyden a map describing the “monuments, markers and tablets on the battlefield” approved by the Secretary of War and President Taft in 1910. He goes on to recommend the West Confederate site for approval by the Quartermaster General.

14. U.S. Department of Interior File No. 680.47 Permission to use Confederate Flag on Monument, November 10-19, 1927
These documents under the heading of File No. 680.47 pertain to the “Permission to use Confederate flag on Monument.” The correspondence includes one written by Mr. W.W Fuller, Chairman Advisory Committee (NC Memorial Commission), replies by Supt. Davis and Lt. Col. Hampton, Asst. Q.M.C. of the regulations that a State Coat of Arms may be inscribed and that a design be submitted to the Q.M.C. for submission to the Secretary of War. The use of the Virginia Coat of Arms on the Virginia monument is mentioned as an example. Mr. Fuller mentions on the 19th “I shall bring it to the attention of our Committee on Design.”

15. Supt. Davis to Q.M.C., November 12, 1927
Supt, Davis states “There is no knowledge here of any law which will prevent the use of the Confederate flag as part of the design, although the propriety of such representation might be questioned in some quarters.”

16. “State of North Carolina, The North Carolina Gettysburg Memorial Commission” Contract, March 31, 1928
Here is a copy of the contract titled “State of North Carolina: The North Carolina Gettysburg Memorial Commission.”

17. Henry Scharf, Manager of Hotel Gettysburg to Supt. GNMP E. E. Davis, April 10, 1929
The manager of the Hotel Gettysburg is asking the Superintendent if he has received any information about the dedication for the North Carolina Monument.

18. Supt. Davis to Mr. Henry M. Scharf, Manager Gettysburg Hotel, April 11, 1929
Supt. Davis informs Mr. Scharf that he has heard nothing “concerning the North Carolina Monument” but he feels “some action” will be forthcoming.

19. John T. Harris to Supt GNMP E. E. Davis, May 3, 1929
The Quartermaster Corps is looking into the status of the monument dedication. They are concerned that the design and inscription were not approved by their office for the monument.

20. Supt. Davis to Q.M.C., May 4, 1929
Supt. Davis briefs the Q.M.C. of the discussions that has occurred from 1927 to this date regarding the application for the erection of a North Carolina monument at the Park and that “This office has been and still is ready to recommend a suitable location comfortable to the established policy regarding the erection of monuments as soon as the North Carolina Commission” “…has agreed and submitted a request.” The Commission “will not, however recommend the Bloody Angle or High Water Mark.” Action is expected soon.

21. Supt. Davis to Major Bruce Cotten, member of Design Committee, May 14, 1929 Supt. Davis provides Mr. Cotten with a map showing the location of the site the NC Commission has selected and Mr. Davis has forwarded it to the Q.M.C. for approval. The site, historically, is not as appropriate as the “old” site on West Confederate Avenue.

22. Correspondence between Major John T. Harris, Asst. Q.M.C., and Supt. Davis, May 16 & 17, 1929
Major Harris reminds Supt. Davis to advise the NC Commission of the regulations for approval by the Secretary of War of the design and inscription of the monument.Supt. Davis replies “At least four different parties claiming to represent the State of North Carolina have visited this Park and inspected different locations for the monument.” “It appears, however, that there is some lack of uniformity among the parties who have appeared here as representing the State.”

23. Major General B.F. Cheatham, Q.M.C., to Assistant Secretary of War, May 17, 1929 Maj. General Cheatham, after summarizing the course of events surrounding the plans for a North Carolina monument, a design, sculptor and site for the monument has been submitted and approved by the Q.M.C.

24. Supt. Davis to Major Bruce Cotten, May 17, 1929
Supt. Davis reminds Mr. Cotten that “The duties of Chairman of the Park Commission, referred to in the Regulations, (as mentioned in the correspondence) now devolve upon the Superintendent.” This correspondence goes on to restate the need for a formal submission of the design, etc. for the monument but this letter’s date is the same day as the approval of the Q.M.C. for a plan seemly approved directly by the Q. M.C.

25. W. R. Gibson, Colonel Quartermaster Corps to O. Max Gardner, Governor of NC, May 17, 1929
Colonel Gibson informs Governor Gardner of the NC Monument that the July 3rd dedication date for the North Carolina Monument is reserved. He also mentions the monument committee visiting his office for preparations for the dedication ceremony.

26. Major Harris, Asst. Q.M.C to Supt. Davis, May 18, 1929
Major Harris informs Supt. Davis that the North Carolina design has been submitted by the Sculptor, Gutzon Borglum.

27. Major Bruce Cotten to Supt. Davis, May 20, 1929
Mr. Cotten seems to be reopening the possible site change in this letter to Supt. Davis. The site was approved on May 17 and he states, “I presume that a letter from the Governor to the Quartermaster General of the Army officially requesting this change will be sufficient.”

28. Supt GNMP E. E. Davis to Johnson Memorial Company, May 22, 1929
Superintendent Davis and the Johnson Memorial Company trade information about tearing down a stone wall in the North Carolina Monument plot.

29. Supt GNMP E. E. Davis to Bruce Cotten, May 23, 1929
Supt. Davis details the troops locations of NC soldiers during the Battle of Gettysburg and that the new plot has been approved for the monument.

30. Major Harris, Asst. Q.M.C to Supt. Davis, May 27, 1929
Major Harris provides Supt. Davis with photos of the approved design for the North Carolina monument.

31. Cheatham to Supt. GNMP E. E. Davis, June 18, 1929
An inquiry about provisions and who is supplying the speakers stand and chairs.

32. Supt. GNMP E. E. Davis to QMC, June 18, 1929
Superintendent Davis provided details about who supplies the speakers stand and chairs, a rain situation with possible venues, and the need for a contractor for the speakers stand and chairs.

33. Supt. Davis to Q.M.C., June 29, 1929
Supt. Davis notifies the Q.M.C that a “large granite slab” has been placed on the site of the North Carolina monument. He states the inscription on this slab “seems to be contrary to the spirit if not the letter of the statute,” and quotes it in the letter. He goes on to state that according to regulations the inscriptions “must be purely historical, compiled without praise or censure.” He further states the controversy with a similarly proposed inscription on the Virginia monument was objected to and changed. In closing, he asks the Q.M.C. “whether or not this North Carolina inscription is approved.”

34. North Carolina Monument Dedication Program July 3, 1929
Copy of the North Carolina Dedication Program as used on July 3, 1929. It provides a detailed a list of the members of the North Carolina Gettysburg Memorial Committee, the Design Committee and the Advisory Committee.

36. Johnson Memorial Company to Supt. GNMP E. E. Davis, July 6, 1929
The Johnson Memorial Company explains the Supt Davis that there was a request for pillars to go up near the start of the walkway to the North Carolina memorial and to not build the stone wall back up.

37. Supt GNMP E. E. Davis to Johnson Memorial Company, July 8, 1929
Superintendent Davis explains to Johnson Memorial Company that the pillars should not go at the entrance of the monument and have the stone walls built back up to match the rest of the battlefield.

38. Annie Newell to Supt GNMP E. E. Davis, July 15, 1929
Annie Newell asks the Superintendent for a copy of the inscription on the North Carolina Memorial.

39. Supt GNMP E. E. Davis to Annie Newell, July 17, 1929
Superintendent Davis send a copy of the inscription and apologizes for lack of time to see her during their visit for the dedication ceremony.

40. Supt GNMP E. E. Davis to Annie Newell, October 28, 1931
Superintendent Davis sends a letter with leaves from the North Carolina Monument location to Mrs. Newell.

41. Annie Newell to Supt GNMP E. E. Davis, December 13, 1931
Mrs. Newell thanks Supt. Davis for the leaves and informs him of the $10,000 monument the U.D.C placed at Fort Fisher.

42. Frederic Haskin to Custodian, GNMP, December 1, 1932
A request to see if there is a monument for North Carolina troops on the Gettysburg Battlefield.

43. Assistant Supt. GNMP Aumen to Mrs. M Mack, December 2, 1932
Aumen explains to Mrs. Mack that there is a monument placed on the battlefield for NC troops.

45. Supt GNMP James McConaghie to Ed Flickinger, Landscape Architect of PA, April 17, 1933
Supt. McConaghie explains his gratitude for the blueprints and the work currently being done for their highway beautification projects.

46. A. K. Baskett QMC, July 27 & 29, 1933
A back-and-forth correspondence between the QMC office and Supt McConaghie about the complaints around the landscaping around the North Carolina Monument.

47. Supervisory Interpretive Specialist Thomas Harrison to Henry Koett, Tobliet Research Inc., June 29, 1970
Harrison explains that there is little information about Guzton Borglum, the sculptor of the NC Monument and no Lincoln statue in Gettysburg by Borglum.

49. Jerry Cross, Researcher to Jerry C. Cashion, Supervisor Research Branch, October 7, 1983 (Enclosure)
A detailed letter that explains the history of the North Carolina Monument, its Monuments Committee and the dedication ceremony. Mr. Cross explains the impact WWI had on the project but how the UDC became one of the forerunners for the monument’s creation and dedication. The dedication ceremony is attached as an enclosure.

50. Don H. Castleberry to James T. Broyhill, June 26, 1984
Don Castleberry responds to Representative Broyhill over John Stepp’s requests over the preservation of the North Carolina Monument. Castleberry explains that the glass peening method they are requesting has been prohibited by the National Park Service for bronze restoration. He also mentions that everything the monument restoration process must be documented and run through the appropriate channels.

51. Jeff H. Stepp, President for the Society for the Historical preservation of the 26th NC Troops to Supt. GNMP John Earnst, August 21, 1984
Mr. Stepp sends a formal request to Supt. Earnst in regard to the North Carolina Monument. His requests include: Mr. Karkadoulias to be hired as the preservationist, that glass peening method be used on the monument based on their state monument standards for NC, and to use the secret coating that Karkadoulias uses.

52. James Edwards to Supt. GNMP John Earnst, August 22, 1984
Senator Edwards criticizes the condition of the North Carolina Monument but understands the number of monuments the park services. He declares that North Carolina will provide funding for the restoration but is insistent on the glass peening method, to stay consistent with their other monuments in North Carolina.

53. Supt GNMP John Earnst to Senator James Edwards, September 10, 1984
Supt Earnst thanks Senator Edwards for the concerns over the NC Monument. He explains there will be a delay in the response so they can consult with other parts of the Conservation Department over the methods to restore the monument.

54. Supt GNMP John Earnst to Jeff H. Stepp, President for the Society for the Historical Preservation of the 26th NC Troops, Sept 19, 1984
Supt Earnst sends a duplicate letter as Document #53 (Above) to Mr. Jeff Stepp over the NC Monument.

55. Supt GNMP John Earnst to Senator James Edwards, September 19, 1984
Supt Earnst sends Senator Edwards a draft proposal for the restoration of the NC Monument. He specifies that glass peening is not included since the NPS does not approve of it and a copy will be sent to Mr. Stepp and Mr. Townsend.

56. Rufus Edmisten, Attorney General of NC to Supt GNMP John Earnst, October 15, 1984
North Carolina Attorney General Edmisten contacts Supt Earnst over who owns the NC Monument. He explains that they feel the standards they have for their monuments in NC are not being met by the NPS.

57. Supt GNMP John Earnst to Rufus Edmisten, Attorney General of NC, October 24, 1984
Supt. Earnst responds to Attorney General Edmisten to explain that the Federal Government are the owners of the monument because of regulations during the time of the NC Monument dedication in 1929. He explains the policies placed by the War Department and the transfer of ownership during the dedication ceremony on July 3rd, 1929.

58. Associate Regional Director John W. Bond to Samuel P. Townsend, NPS Administrator, November 15, 1984
John Bond sends an updated version of the North Carolina restoration agreement to Mr. Townsend for review for the tri-party agreement between GNMP, North Carolina, and Mr. Karkadoulias. He thanks Townsend for helping to resolve the issues between the park and the 26th NC Society.

59. Acting Supt. GNMP Anna M. Lacher-May to William S. Price Jr, Director of the Division of Archives and History, NC CMR, November 26, 1984
Mrs. Lacher-May send William Price Jr. the information he requested about adding new monuments to the battlefield. Mr. Price Jr. is looking to add a monument for the 26th North Carolina to the battlefield. Mrs. Lacher-May explains the timeframe in which he would hear back from her and the park service if his monument was approved.

60. Signed Restoration Agreement for the North Carolina Monument, December 3, 1984
A signed and finalized edition of the Restoration Agreement

61. John B. Hunt, North Carolina Governor to Supt GNMP John Earnst, January 4, 1985
A thank you letter from the leaving Governor of North Carolina. He also informs Supt Earnst that they will be sending a check for $10,000 to help preserve the North Carolina Memorial.

63. North Carolina Monument Rededication Program, June 7, 1985
On June 30, 1985 the North Carolina Monument was rededicated and a draft of those proceedings are presented here.

65. Michael Hill, Researcher NC Department of Cultural Resources to Mr. Robert Prosperi GNMP, October 5, 1992
At the request of Robert Prosperi, a GNMP employee and future Gettysburg Battlefield Guide, Michael Hill, a researcher at the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources provides a memo written by Jerry C. Cashion providing a detailed narrative of the efforts made to erect a North Carolina Monument for the Gettysburg Battlefield in 1929. Also included is another copy of the 1929 contract for the North Carolina Monument.

66. Joseph Gorrell, Acting Regional Director NPS to Hon. Stephen L. Neal, US House of Reps, October 14, 1992
Mr. Gorrell informs House Rep Neal about the damage done to the North Carolina Monument caused by visitors climbing on the monument. He ensures Neal that they will find a proper solution to prevent damage to the monument and that the fencing “was only erected to assure that the monument would be preserved for future generations.”

67. Supt GNMP Jose A. Cisneros to Keith Everett, October 19, 1992
An assessment report done by GNMP on the North Carolina Monument in order to place a permanent fence around the North Carolina Memorial.

68. Plans to Rehabilitate to North Carolina Memorial, November 2, 1992
Official paperwork signing off on the blueprints and plans for a fence around the North Carolina Monument.

69. Supt GNMP Jose A. Cisneros to C. Dixon Spangler, February 8, 1993
An illegible letter, probably about the fence going around the North Carolina Monument.

70. C. D. Spangler to Supt GNMP Jose Cisneros, March 8, 1993
Mr. Spangler sends his appreciation for the fence placed around the monument but asks for him not to be recognized by name for his donation of the funds for the fence. He sends an alternate text to be placed on the fence.

72. An Undated North Carolina Summary of the Monument
This undated summary provides helpful details and interpretation of the figures on the North Carolina Monument sculpture.

75. Specifications for Bronze Preservations
A step by step instruction sheet that details the cleaning and restoration work for the North Carolina Memorial.

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