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These documents from the GNMP V17-54 Mississippi Monument Files are related to the NPS approval of the erection of the Mississippi Memorial on the Gettysburg Battlefield. They are presented in chronological order.

1. Ed C. Sturdivant Lt. Commander in-Chief Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) to GNMP Supt. Myers, April 27, 1962
Mr. Sturdivant writes that there will be a proposal for legislation to erect a Mississippi monument at the GNMP battlefield and asks for information from the Park Superintendent for that purpose.

2. GNMP Supt. Myers to Ed C. Sturdivant Lt. Commander in-Chief Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV), April 30, 1962
Supt. Myers responds to Mr. Sturdivant with details of the history of Confederate state monuments on the Gettysburg Battlefield and provides some detail for the procedures necessary for NPS approval.

3. Dr. S. H. Phillips, D.D.S. to Supt. Myers, August 17, 1966
Dr. Phillips, another interested party in the erection of a Mississippi Monument at Gettysburg, requests information from the GNMP Superintendent for information “as need to do as far as getting approval from the Park Commission as to the location, type, etc.” He also mentions “Our State Legislature will probably meet this Fall and if we could get all our information by then we could possibly get an appropriation for a large part of the expense.”

4. GNMP Supt. Emery to Dr. S. H. Phillips, August 23, 19664. GNMP Supt. Emery to Dr. S. H. Phillips, August 23, 19664. GNMP Supt. Emery to Dr. S. H. Phillips, August 23, 1966
Supt. Emery provides details of the requirements fo the NPS for approval of a new Monument on the battlefield and includes recent costs for the building of the Arkansas Monument.

5. Gary Evans, Brewer, Deaton & Evans Attorneys at Law to Supt. Emery, October 6, 1966
Mr. Evans requests a map of the location of other state monuments in the Park. In addition, a “group in Mississippi is being formed to secure placement of a Mississippi monument at Gettysburg.”

6. Supt. Emery to Gary Evans, Brewer, Deaton & Evans, October 20, 1966
Supt. Emery sends Mr. Evans the map he requested as well as photographs of monuments “we thought might be of value.”

7. A.P. Andrews, The Jackson Civil War Round Table, Inc. (JCWRT) to Supt. Emery, February 20, 1968
The Jackson Civil War Round Table, Inc. has taken an interest in erecting a Mississippi Monument at Gettysburg and asks Mr. Emery for information as to the “necessary steps” in selecting a site. He also mentions “It is our desire to have a site where Barksdale’s charge took place.”

8. Supt. Emery to A.P. Andrews, JCWRT, February 29, 1968
Supt. Emery provides Mr. Andrews with the NPS requirements for building a monument at the GNMP and suggest that “initial efforts be directed toward having general legislation authorizing the monument with the provision that a competent State Commission be appointed” for that purpose.

9. MS Legislature House Bill # 394 Creating the MS Gettysburg Memorial Commission (MGMC), 1968
The Mississippi House Bill No. 394, dated 1968 is presented here for the funding of a monument at Gettysburg.

10. The Gettysburg Times Article, MS Legislature Passes Gettysburg Monument for MS May 9, 1968
The Gettysburg Times mentions the MS Legislature has passed a bill for the erection of MS monument at Gettysburg by the Gettysburg Memorial Commission and the bill will be presented to the MS State Senate. This is reported to the Gettysburg Times by Don MacPhail, past president of the Gettysburg Civil War Round Table.

11. U.S. MS Congressman Charles Griffin to Supt. Emery June 3, 1969
The Congressman thanks Emery for his assistance and mentions Mr. Pierce one of the MGMC members who plan to be at the GNMP on Monday, June 9, 1969. They would appreciate someone showing them possible sites for the MS Monument.

12. Supt. Emery to U.S. MS Congressman Charles Griffin, June 5, 1969
Emery sends the Congressman some literature on the GNMP and is pleased to hear of the plans for the MS Monument.

13. Supt. Emery to NPS Regional Director, Northeast Region, June 13, 1969
Emery provides details to the NPS Regional Director regarding suitable sites for the MS Monument, details of Birkdale’s brigade on July 2, 1863 and its location. Emery also observes a possible conflict with its close proximity to the approved site for the Louisiana Monument and Tract 9a, which is privately held and is adjacent to the proposed MS site. The sculptor Donald DeLue is also mentioned and funding from the MS Legislature is expected.

14. Gary Evans, Brewer, Deaton & Evans to Supt. Emery, (No Enclosure) June 17. 1969
Evans expresses his thanks for the meeting both he and Pierce attended with Emery as members of the Site Selection Committee of the MGMC. Evans also encloses a copy of the authorization bill creating the Commission.

15. Supt. Emery to NPS Regional Director, Northeast Region, June 20, 1969
Emery forwards Evan’s letter of June 13 and the authorization bill enacted by the MS Legislature.

16. NPS Acting Regional Director, Northeast Region to Supt. Emery, July 7, 1969
NPS Regional Director George A. Palmer approves the MS monument site at Gettysburg.

17. Supt. Emery to Gary Evans, Brewer, Deaton & Evans, July 9, 1969
Emery notifies Evans that the site submitted to the NPS for the MS monument has been approved.

18. Gary Evans, Brewer, Deaton & Evans to Supt. Emery, July 21, 1969
Evans acknowledges receipt of the site approval for the MS Memorial.

19. Supt. Haraden, NPS Natchez Trace Parkway, to Supt. Emery, The Citation-Ledger Jackson Daily News Article, April 12, 1970
An article in the Jackson Daily News announces the MGMC has met with the Sculptor Donald DeLue to discuss the final plans for the MS monument at Gettysburg.

20. Supt. Emery to Supt. Haraden, NPS Natchez Trace Parkway, May 4, 1970
Emery acknowledges receipt of the newspaper article Supt. Haraden sent him about the MS monument and its sculptor on April 12, 1970.

21. Ed C. Sturdivant Member MS Gettysburg Memorial Commission (MGMC) to Sculptor Donald DeLue, July 3, 1970
The MGMC has formally approved the inscription for the MS Monument and thanks DeLue for his “willingness to present the inscription” to the NPS.

22. Sculptor Donald DeLue to Supt. Emery, September 18, 1970
DeLue presents details of the proposed MS monument and lists key MGMC officials involved in the project: Dr. Ney Williams Jr., Chairman and Mr. Grey Evans the Attorney for the Commission.

23. Thomas Harrison GNMP Supervisory Interpretive Specialist (Park Historian) to Supt. Emery, October 2, 1970
Park Historian Harrison provides Emery with his opinion of the proposed monument while expressing concern about various soldiers’ accoutrements to be included with the two soldiers depicted. Also, Harrison believes the use of the word “righteous” in the inscription should be “eliminated.”

24. Supt. Emery to Donald DeLue, October 7, 1970
Harrison’s comments of October 2, 1970 are forwarded to DeLue by Supt. Emery.

25. Supt. Emery to Ed C. Sturdivant SCV, October 7, 1970
Harrison’s comments of October 2, 1970 are also forwarded to Mr. Sturdivant by Supt. Emery.

26. Donald DeLue to Supt. Emery, October 12, 1970
DeLue responds to Harrison’s comments of October 7, as forwarded by Supt. Emery.

27. Judge Thomas Brady MS Supreme Court to Ed C. Sturdivant MGMC, October 21, 1970
The discussion between the NPS and the MGMC about the use of the word “righteous” in the inscription and issues about the soldiers’ accoutrements begin to be addressed.

28. Ed C. Sturdivant MGMC to Supt. Emery, December 12, 1970
Mr. Sturdivant, MGMC reacts to Mr. Harrisons’ concerns about the use of the word “righteous” in the inscription but writes “we recognize your position as an employee of the present government of the United States…we will notify you of our decision.”

29. Dr. M. Ney Williams, Jr. Chairman MGMC, to GNMP Supt. Schober, June 30, 1971
Dr. Williams thanks the new GNMP Superintendent Schober for his hospitality in their recent meeting with Park Historian Harrison and mentions a possible Dedication date of October 1972. Also, NPS interest in private lands within the Park boundaries was discussed.

30. Gary Evans, Brewer, Deaton & Evans to Thomas Harrison Park Historian July 8, 1971
Mr. Evans also thanks Park Historian Harrison for his kindness at the last Gettysburg meeting but doesn’t agree with “Ney Williams’ thinking that the monument should be moved further toward the corner but, in the event the outhouse can be moved behind the second brick house from the corner it might be all right.” It all depends on whether the “outhouse” can be moved.

31. Gary Evans, Brewer, Deaton & Evans to Supt. Schober, July 8, 1971
Evans also writes Supt. Schober the July date for the dedication will not be possible because “DeLue will not be finished with it in time.” The date will be moved to the first or second week of October next year (1972). He also writes he will make an effort to get Judge Brady and Mr. Sturdivant “to make the necessary changes in the little words to go on our monument so that we can get final approval.”

32. Ed C. Sturdivant MGMC to Supt. Schober, July 14, 1971
Mr. Sturdivant summarizes for the new GNMP Superintendent Schober the unresolved issue concerning the use of the term “righteous cause” and the phrase “On this ground, our brave sires fought for their righteous cause” on the proposed inscription of the MS monument. “Since we must soon provide the sculptor with the inscription in final form, it will be appreciated if you will give us the benefit of your comments… It is a genuine pleasure to know that a Mississippian now occupies the position of Superintendent. We extend our best wishes.”

33. Supt. Schober to NPS Chief of Resources, July 20, 1971
The NPS Chief of Resources writes Supt. Schober providing him with a “few comments and recommendations” on the Mississippi Monument including alternatives to the word “righteous” and its unique use in the Park compared to any other Confederate monument. Also mentioned comments on the walls in comparison to other CSA monuments, the height of the monument, landscaping and acquisition of the Reaver property before the dedication.

34. Photocopy of GNMP Tracts 9A & 9B, Paul Reaver Land & House, (No Date)
Photocopy of “Tract 9a Paul Reaver (House) View looking southward toward observation tower. West Confederate Avenue lies to the right of the picture out of view. Picture shows two brick houses on this tract, garage and pergola. Frame house lies on Tract 9b, Wallace Johnson, across Wheatfield Road.” Faint notes can also be seen but not deciphered.

35. Ed C. Sturdivant SVC to Supt. Schober, MS Monument July 31, 1971
This letter from Mr. Sturdivant provides Supt. Schober with some background on the correspondence concerning the inscription that has been exchanged between Dr. Williams, former GNMP Superintendent Emery, himself, Judge Brady and Supt. Schober. Mr. Sturdivant believes Mr. Emery will “refer the (MS) proposal to some higher authority for a definite ruling.”He goes on to state “since the monument will be erected to Mississippians by Mississippians, it would seem incredible that any judicious authority should deny the right of expressing the honest sentiment of Mississippians in the inscription.” He is seeking that authoritative ruling.

36. Two Proposed Layouts of MS Monument Inscription, (No Date)
This undated document illustrates two subtly different proposed layouts and wording of the inscription for the MS monument.

37. Supt. Schober to Judge Brady, September 20, 1971 (No Enclosures)
Supt. Schober acknowledges Judge Brady’s phone call of Wednesday and assures the Judge “that any differences that may have existed in the past are now resolved.” He does express concern regarding the “plot plan” DeLue submitted to the Park and he suggests a change in the landscaping to prevent erosion.

38. Supt. Schober to Dr. Williams MGMC, November 4, 1971
Supt. Schober sends final approval for the MS inscription to Dr. Williams with one handwritten change.

39. Dr. Williams MGMC to Supt. Schober, November 15, 1971
Dr. Williams states that with the approval of the inscription the Monument committee would appreciate approval of a site as they are taking steps to acquire the “granite for the base.”

40. GNMP Meeting Notes, March 24, 1972
Meeting notes of Evans, Williams and DeLue with James Codori regarding MS Monument needs (granite, plaque, grading and timing).

41. Supt. Schober to Donald DeLue, (Enclosures Attached) March 29, 1972
Supt, Schober has reviewed DeLue’s photographs and proposed design for the MS monument with the plans submitted in the letter of October 7, 1970 and he requests that the MGMC “forward the official design and cover letter to us so that it may accompany the layout plan.” His request also includes reviewing the details of the flag and staff and blanket roll. He recommends that the monument “portray such items be as close as possible to its historic counterparts.”A drawing of the DeLue sculpture is included and a handwritten note dated March 28, 1972 from Dr. Williams is also attached.

42. Donald DeLue to Supt. Schober, April 4, 1972
DeLue addresses the issues related to the Flag and staff and the presence of a blanket roll on the soldier with Supt. Schober and provides an illustration of Confederate soldiers advancing with a tasseled flag and blanket rolls on soldiers advancing.

43. Donald DeLue to Supt. Schober, (No Enclosure) April 6, 1972
DeLue provides a revised print “with the inscription as it should be.” He asks that it be submitted “with the rest of the materials.” DeLue is still waiting on the “plot plan.”

44. Donald DeLue to Supt. Schober, (No Enclosure) April 10, 1972
DeLue provides some corrections to the inscription but he has still not received the “plan.”

45. Donald DeLue to Supt. Schober, (No Enclosure) April 13, 1972
DeLue has enclosed a print of the granite pedestal and foundation and describes the statue’s orientation to the battlefield. He needs a plot plan and expect details of the “small bronze plaque and placement.”

46. Supt. Schober to Dr. Williams, April 20, 1972
Supt. Schober was unable to join Mr. Evans when he met with the Park Historian Harrison and understands the concern he has about the Weaver (Reaver) property and the removal of the Reaver building by October 1973. Finally, Schober would like an official from the “Commission acknowledging and approving the proposed monument’s design, legend and plot layout” to forward to the Director of the Northeast Region for his review and action.

47. Supt. Schober to Donald DeLue, April 20, 1972
Recommendations and clarifications are provided to DeLue from Schober for the Confederate Flag and Shoulder Roll Packs. Schober also includes James Codori’s monument layout plan but the CSA emblem on the cartridge pouch “cannot be verified” and without proof the “CS” emblem should be used.

48. Donald DeLue to Supt. Schober, April 21, 1972
DeLue corrects the date that the MGMC will inspect the “full size model” to April 28 not May 28.

49. James Codori, Codori Memorials to GNMP (Supt. Schober), April 24, 1972
The Codori “plot plan” is submitted to Supt. Schober.

50. Dr. Williams MGMC to Supt. Schober, May 4, 1972
Supt. Schober is notified by Evans that the “final approval of the DeLue MS monument has been given by the MGMC including corrections requested by the NPS, the Codori plot plan and a base of lac du bonnet granite with inscriptions in accordance with the architect’s drawings held at the Park. Evans hopes for a quick approval by the NPS so DeLue can begin the caster “lined up” work (bronze work) on “May 8th.”

51. Donald DeLue to Supt. Schober, May 5, 1972
DeLue after additional information supplied to him by the Department of Archives in Jackson MS, he has agreed that the cartridge box should have only “CS” on it.

52. Park Historian Harrison to Donald DeLue, May 5, 1972
At the request of the MGMC, Harrison has provided DeLue with a tracing of an historically accurate Confederate CS cartridge cap box with a CS “impressed” in the leather. He also provides three book references from which the tracings were made.”

53. Donald DeLue to Supt. Schober, May 5, 1972
DeLue thanks Supt. Schober and Park Historian Harrison for the “helpful information” provided and “for the understanding you both showed for my problem.” He also appreciates “being able to keep the tassels and cord to add interest to the Flag.” He has also altered the blanket roll, will use a rifle from Fayetteville NC with a CSA stamp, a saber bayonet and a cartridge pouch with “CSA” on a “thin brass plate attached to the leather.” The clay sculpture itself was reviewed by the MGMC on April 28th (1972) and approved. DeLue states “I am now at liberty to proceed with the Plaster Casting having conformed with all requests and suggestions.”

54. Bill Hubbard? (No Date, most likely after May 1972)
A critical review of the Mississippi monument by GNMP Seasonal Ranger, Bill Hubbard assistant to Supt. Schober seems to have been written sometime between the final clay model was approved by the MGMC and the NPS final approval of the monument.

55. Alice M. Allen (No Date, most likely after May 1972)
GNMP Seasonal Ranger assistant to Park Historian Harrison, Alice Allen also reviews the Mississippi monument and provides her opinion of the sculpture. She closes her review with “Monumentation has certainly come a long way in 100 years at Gettysburg.”

56. Supt. Schober to NPS Director, Northeast Region, May 8, 1972
Supt. Schober has sent the design, legend and site layout for the proposed MS monument to the Director, Northeast Region with his endorsement for final NPS approval.

57. George Palmer NPS Acting Director, Northeast Region to Supt. Schober, May 15, 1972
Acting Director George Palmer sends his approval of the MS monument to Supt. Schober.

58. Mrs. Clarence Letteer to Supt. Schober, July 17, 1972
Mrs. Letteer writes Supt. Schober and asks about the schedule for the MS dedication and has concerns about the landscaping plan wishes she could see the monument again.

59. Supt. Schober to Mrs. Clarence Letteer, August 9, 1972
Supt. Schober provides Mrs. Clarence Letteer (a senior UDC member) the tentative schedule for the dedication of the MS monument and is “glad that your health continues to improve.”

60. Gary Evans, Secretary MGMC to Supt. Schober (JS), December 13, 1972
Evans informs Supt. Schober that the MS monument Dedication is scheduled for June 15, 1973 but a handwritten note by JS indicates it has been changed to October 5, 1973.

61. Gary Evans, Brewer, Deaton & Evans to Supt. Schober, January 5, 1973
Due to “some crating difficulties in getting our mold to Italy” the dedication is changed to October 5, 1973.

62. Gary Evans, Secretary MGMC to Supt. Schober, January 5, 1973
Evans explains the MS monument Dedication is being rescheduled for October 5, 1973.

63. GNMP Acting Supt. Igo to Mrs. Clarence Letteer, February 27, 1973
GNMP Acting Supt. Igo on behalf of Schober wanted Mrs. Letteer to know the MS dedication has been rescheduled to October 5, 1973 and he would be pleased to make her reservations for the dedication once Mr. and Mrs. DeLue have made their plans known.

64. GNMP Acting Supt. Newton Sikes to MS U.S. Senator James Eastland, October 2, 1973
Acting Supt. Sikes provides MS U.S. Senator Eastland with information about the Battle of Gettysburg and “the events surrounding the battle” for his use in preparing for the dedication of October 19, 1973.

65. GNMP Acting Supt. Newton Sikes to Col. C.L. Ivey MS National Guard, October 4, 1973
Acting Supt. Sikes provides Col. C.L. Ivey with maps and the location of the MS monument for his use.

66. Supt. Schober to MS House of Representative G. V. Montgomery, October 16, 1973
Supt. Schober provides information to MS House Representative G.V. Montgomery regarding telephone numbers for a Gettysburg helicopter service and the Holiday Inn for his transportation to the Dedication. He also asks to be notified of the timing to have transportation available for him. The date of October 19, 1973 is also mentioned.

67. “Gallantry at Gettysburg” by A.P. Andrews and MS Dedication Program October 19, 1973
Mr. A.P. Andrews’ paper “Gallantry at Gettysburg” and a MS Archive copy of the Dedication Program distributed at the Dedication of the Mississippi Monument on October 19. 1973.

68. Vicksburg Sunday Post Article October 28, 1973
A newspaper article dated October 28 appeared in the Vicksburg Sunday Post detailing the Mississippi Monument’s Dedication of October 19, 1973 at Gettysburg.

69. Gary Evans, Secretary MGMC to Supt. Schober, November 13, 1973
Evans and his wife thanks Supt. Schober for “the kindness shown to us by you and Mrs. Schober while in Gettysburg.” Evans believes the MS monument “equals any on the Battlefield except for some of the grandiose monuments, such as Pennsylvania, New York and Virginia.” And he’s “very pleased with it and I am pleased that the dedication ceremonies took place on such a beautiful day and went off well.” Evans also mentions there is some “money left over” (about $4,000) and is wondering if the money could be used to add a “Hard surfacing” for off-street parking at the monument? He will have to consult with the Commission before committing the money.

70. GNMP Acting Supt. Newton Sikes to MS House of Representative G. V. Montgomery, December 7, 1973
GNMP Acting Supt. Sikes sends MS House of Representative G.V. Montgomery pictures of the MS Dedication Ceremony and asks if he could identify the individuals in the group photo.

71. Gary Evans, Secretary MGMC to Supt. Schober, May 8, 1974
Evans thanks Schober for “kindly hospitality” and that of Henry Illenburger while he was at Gettysburg. He also is “excited “about the “recorded message station being planned at the MS Monument. The Commission has $3,618.29 available “on hand” and asks Schober if he could determine the Park costs and “just send me a bill addressed to the MGMC.

72. Supt. Schober to Gary Evans, Secretary MGMC, June 4, 1974
Evans provides the idea behind creating the Barksdale Audio Station to the MS Monument using the remaining funds from the Monument account. He describes how he would like to handle the payment to the NPS as well. The MS Monument was prominently on display in a segment of “60 Minutes” featuring Gettysburg on Sunday (May 26, 1974).

73. State of Mississippi Requisition for Issuance of Warrant & Check to GNMP, June 24, 1974
Mississippi funding requisition for the Gettysburg Barksdale Audio Station and copy of the check with a note from Gary Evans.

74. Supt. Schober to Gary Evans, Secretary MGMC, June 27, 1974
Schober acknowledges receipt of the Mississippi Warrant and check and “will begin preparation for the Barksdale Audio Station soon.”

77. Supt. John Earnst to Manager to Gary Evans, Secretary MGMC, (No Photographs Attached) February 23, 1977
Earnst informs Evans the Barksdale Audio Station has been installed. He also informs Evans some changes were made to the “fieldstone enclosure.” And states an amount of $721.51 is left over from the construction and would like to apply it towards “construction of a historic worm fencing in the fields in front of the monument.”

78. Gary Evans, Secretary MGMC to Supt. Earnst, March 8, 1977
Evans acknowledges Earnst’s letter of February 23, 1977 and he agrees with the suggestion of erecting the historic fence using the remaining funds available.

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