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A general guide to the books, manuscripts and documents in the park library at Gettysburg National Military Park.


The Vertical File Collection contains miscellaneous documents, records and manuscripts from private and public sources filed by drawer number and subject heading. Each file contains multiple items, notes and documents related to the primary title of the file. For the index of contents in each drawer, click on the Subject Heading after the drawer number.

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Drawer Number and General Heading, Contents and General Description

1. BATTLEFIELD FARM PROPERTIES (pdf): Historic farms and structures within Gettysburg NMP.
2. HISTORIC PROPERTY STUDIES (pdf): Historic sites, farms, and buildings within Gettysburg NMP boundary; Field Defenses and Historic Fencing.
3. GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN RESOURCE INFORMATION (pdf): Gettysburg related resources, study materials, map data.
4. THE GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN (pdf): Campaign skirmishes in Virginia and Maryland, contemporary newspaper coverage, battle events of July 1-3, 1863, aftermath, general statistics.
5. PARTICIPANT ACCOUNTS (pdf): Biographical information, generals' correspondence and accounts.
6. UNION REGIMENT FILES (pdf): Federal Units, Army of the Potomac.
7. CONFEDERATE REGIMENT FILES (pdf): Confederate Units, Army of Northern Virginia.
7.MEDICAL/BURIAL/POW FILES (pdf): Hospitalization and Prisons; Battlefield Burials; prisoners and Civil War Prisons.
8. CIVILIAN ACCOUNTS, HUMAN INTEREST (pdf): Local newspaper accounts, civilian accounts, human interest.
9. ADAMS COUNTY AND AREA (pdf): Gettysburg, roads and railroads, county history.
10. THE SOLDIERS' NATIONAL CEMETERY (pdf): Cemetery history & development, dedication ceremony, the Gettysburg Address, Memorial Day ceremonies and exercises.
11. PARK HISTORY (pdf): History of Gettysburg National Military Park, U.S. War Department Commission, reunions and anniversaries.
12. NATURAL RESOURCES AND GENERAL INTEREST (pdf): Photographers, natural resources, geology, cultural resources.
14. EQUIPMENT/ARTILLERY/COLLECTIONS (pdf): Field Artillery and exhibits, artillery correspondence, uniforms and equipments, Rosensteel Collection.
14-CF. CIVILIAN CLAIMS FILES: Claims for losses incurred during the Battle of Gettysburg by Adams County residents, both state and Federal.
16. CIVIL WAR PARKS AND PRESERVATION: Civil War Sites, battlefield preservation, battlefield parks, National Park Service administration of Gettysburg National Military Park.
17. MONUMENTS: Park monuments and markers, state monuments, Pennsylvania monuments by regiment (PHMC), statues and memorials.
18. CIVIL WAR, GENERAL SUBJECTS: General subject matter relating to the Civil War.
19. GETTYSBURG NEWSPAPER CLIPPINGS: Articles and features on and about the battle, campaign, and park at Gettysburg, gathered from various newspapers from 1882 to 1950's.
20. PARK HISTORIANS FILES: Park correspondence, studies, lands and resource protection compiled and authored by park historians at Gettysburg National Military Park.

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The Library Archival Box Collection contains bulk records and materials, rare books, manuscripts, and special research collections from private and public sources. These materials are considered to be too large for the Vertical File Collection described above. For further reference and additional detail on the contents of these boxes, check the Index of the Archival Box Collection (pdf; updated June 15, 2015).

The Archival Box Collection also contains research materials donated to the library by individuals and they are grouped together. For an index (pdf files) of these holdings, check on the collection designation after the box call number.

Box Number, Contents and General Description

Box B-1 Miscellaneous Records (Maine State Archives) Records of Col. Freeman McGilvery, 2nd, 5th and 6th Maine Batteries, and Maine veterans at the 1913 Anniversary. 27th Maine Infantry (NARA)
Box B-2 Miscellaneous Papers- S. P. Bates Papers, Battery B, 1 PA AR (Library of Congress); Rothermel Papers, J. Horace McFarland Papers (Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission)
Box B-3 Miscellaneous Papers (Library of Congress) Records from various officers and participants of Gettysburg.
Box B-4 Miscellaneous Papers (Library of Congress) including Henry B. Blood, Joshua L. Chamberlain, David M. Gregg and Jedeiah Hotchkiss.
Box B-5 Federal Battle Reports, Gettysburg (NARA)
Box B-6 Miscellaneous Soldier Letters and Accounts, Civil War- 11th Virginia, 15th Alabama Infantry (Colonel W.C. Oates), 2nd SC Cavalry, 111th PA Infantry (Erie Co. Historical Society)
Box B-7 Gettysburg NMP Battlefield Board Papers (NARA), general data on monuments and some selected monuments and statues, GNMP Annual Reports 1905-1920 (NARA), 12th US INF at the 75th Reunion.
Box B-8 John Daniel Papers (University of Virginia). Miscellaneous Confederate accounts regarding Gettysburg Campaign.
Box B-9 Guide to Gouverneur K. Warren Papers (New York State Library); Guide to the G.W. Roebling Papers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Rutgers University; Miscellaneous papers from Oswego County Historical Society primarily regarding the 147th New York; McKean County, PA County Veteran Burial Records.
Box B-10 Miscellaneous Papers (Massachusetts Historical Society) Primarily accounts from sodiers in Massachusetts and New York units present at Gettysburg.
Box B-11 Henry Hunt Papers (Library of Congress); Charles W. Reed Sketch Book (Library of Congress).
Box B-12 Miscellaneous papers from Library of Congress and UNC-Chapel Hill including War Department Battlefield Commission information, commissioner William M. Robbins' Scrapbook, papers of Generals Jubal Early, Richard S. Ewell and Samuel W. Crawford, "Union Cavalry in the Gettysburg Campaign" by Roy P. Stonesifer Jr., Hollywood Cemetery Burials-Shipment List (1872-73) compiled by Samuel Weaver, and miscellaneous papers from park historian John B. Bachelder (Silbey Collection).
Box B-13 Miscellaneous Soldier Letters and Accounts- 11th MS Infantry, 104th New York, 2nd US Sharpshooters, 3 PA Cavalry, 30th NC Infantry; Edmund Dana papers (Wyoming Co. HS), Frank Haskell papers (WI).
Box B-14 Gregory A. Coco Collection, Box 1: Camp Letterman.
Box B-15 Gregory A. Coco Collection, Box 1-A: Miscellaneous Soldier Accounts.
Box B-16 Gregory A. Coco Collection, Box 2: Miscellaneous Soldier Accounts.
Box B-17 Gregory A. Coco Collection, Box 3: Miscellaneous Soldier Accounts.
Box B-18 Gregory A. Coco Collection, Box 4: Miscellaneous Soldier Accounts.
Box B-18a Gregory A. Coco Collection, Box 5: Miscellaneous Soldier Accounts- late Civil War.
Box B-19 Gregory A. Coco Collection, Box 6: Miscellaneous Soldier Accounts.
Box B-20 Gregory A. Coco Collection, Box 7: Miscellaneous Soldier Accounts- 35th MA Infantry, 1st PA Cavalry.
Box B-21 Gregory A. Coco Collection, Box 8: Miscellaneous Soldier Accounts.
Box B-22 Gregory A. Coco Collection, Box 9: Col. Robert M. Powell, 5th Texas INF (R. Reichardt Collection included).
Box B-23 Gregory A. Coco Collection, Box 10: Col. Van Manning, 3rd AR INF; George Hillyer, 9th GA INF; Robert E. Lee.
Box B-24 Special Events & Ceremonies, Gettysburg National Military Park and National Cemetery.
Box B-25 Jacqueline Thibaut Collection: Michigan, Minnesota, Maryland, Ohio Monument Commissions.
Box B-26 "Gettysburg Address" Exhibit (NPS), Box 1
Box B-27 "Gettysburg Address" Exhibit (NPS), Box 2
Box B-28 Jacob Sheads Collection: Battlefield Data Sheets and Information.
Box B-29 Military Manuals, Various
Box B-30 "Ethnic Groups and The Civil War"
Box B-31 "War and Peace": Conference on Battlefield Preservation
Box B-32 Books and Booklets, Gettysburg Campaign related.
Box B-33 Magazines & Periodicals, 1870-1928
Box B-34 David S. Hartwig Collection: 69th PA Infantry
Box B-35 Indexes: National Archives and Records Administration, Duke University, Gilder-Lehman, & Massachusetts Historical Society.
Box B-36 Miscellaneous Soldier Letters & Accounts, Civil War
Box B-37 Miscellaneous Booklets & Publications, Gettysburg and Gettysburg NMP
Box B-38
Box B-39 "Gettysburg: The Soldiers' Battle" (GNMP)
Box B-40 Pennsylvania Monument Name Indexes, 1938 (NPS)
Box B-41 Al Gambone Collection, Box 1: Officers and Battle of Gettysburg.
Box B-42 Al Gambone Collection, Box 2: Confederate Officers, Robert E. Lee.
Box B-43 Al Gambone Collection, Box 3: Lee continued, Longstreet, misc. CS officers.
Box B-44 Al Gambone Collection, Box 4: CS officers continued, miscellaneous subject matter.
Box B-45 GETT Cyclorama Program Revision Project 1991-92 (NPS)
Box B-46 Miscellaneous Soldier Letters, Civil War- 15th, 19th and 20th Massachusetts Infantry, 42nd NY Infantry (Root & Stocker Contribution, Worchester Historical Museum Collection)
Box B-47 Selected Papers from Western Reserve Historical Society
Box B-48 Selected Manuscripts from Southern Historical Collection, UNC-CH
Box B-49 Miscellaneous Soldier Letters, Civil War; Souvenir Publications on Gettysburg.
Box B-50 Battle of Gettysburg 125th Anniversary Celebration (1988)
Box B-51
Box B-52 GETT Battlefield Tape Tour, 1995 (NPS)
Boxes B-55 to B-61 Harry Pfanz Research Collection: Gettysburg Subjects.
Box B-62 NPS Studies: Gettysburg Battlefield Subjects.
Box B-63 Licensed Battlefield Guides at Gettysburg
Box B-64 NPS-Gettysburg NMP Publications
Box B-65 Chris Geddes Collection: Gettysburg Cyclorama
Box B-66 Rebecca Lyons Collection: Gettysburg subjects, civilians.
Box B-67 Shirk-Size Collection: 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg Materials
Box B-68 Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the US Papers: Gettysburg Subjects
Boxes B-69 to 73 Gregory A. Coco Collection: Post-Battle of Gettysburg Field Hospital Sites.
Boxes B78-79 Andy DeCusati Collection: 27th Connecticut Infantry
Boxes 80, 80-A NPS Gettysburg Visitor Center Plans (Mission 66), 1954-1962
Boxes 81, 81-A The National Battlefield Tower
Boxes 82-A to E, John B. Bachelder Papers

Box FB-1 Civil War Newspapers
Box FB-2 Loose Volumes, oversized Gettysburg related manuscripts and drawings.
Box FB-3
Box FB-4 Trial of the 72nd PA vs. Gettysburg Battlefield Memorial Association.
Box FB-5 "Battle of Gettysburg" Cyclorama Exhibition (Chicago)


Harry Pfanz Collection, Gettysburg Subjects

Gregory A. Coco Collection, Gettysburg Subjects (pdf)

Al Gambone Collection, CS Officers and Gettysburg (pdf)

Andy DeCusati Collection, 27th Connecticut Infantry (pdf)



The Star and Sentinel, Gettysburg, PA
The Gettysburg Compiler, Gettysburg, PA
The National Tribune
Hospital Records, Gettysburg Related (NARA)


The book collection includes contemporary and modern histories of the Battle of Gettysburg and campaign, biographies of officers, memoirs, regimental histories and accounts, and general Civil War history. Our collection also concentrates on Abraham Lincoln, sectionalism and causes of the conflict, slavery, natural and scientific history, parks and land preservation, periodicals, farms and farming methods of the 1800's, military biographies and science. An index to our book collection will be posted in the future.

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