The Harry Pfanz Research Collection

Description: The Harry Pfanz Research Collection contains copies of documents, manuscripts, and book excerpts gathered for the author's publications Gettysburg, The Second Day, Culp's Hill and Cemetery Hill, and Gettysburg: The First Day. Many of the files have duplicates and notes from miscellaneous sources, organized by general subject matter or military organization. Access to these records is available to researchers by appointment only.

Box B-55 Harry Pfanz Collection, Box 1

B-55-01 Archer's Brigade (Heth’s Div., Hill’s Corps)
B-55-02 Brockenbrough's Brigade (Heth’s Div., Hill’s Corps)
B-55-03 Davis' Brigade(Heth’s Div., Hill’s Corps)
B-55-04 Daniels' Brigade (Rodes’ Div., Ewell’s Corps)
B-55-05 Doles' Brigade (Rodes’ Div., Ewell’s Corps)
B-55-06 Hays' Brigade (Early’s Div., Ewell’s Corps)
B-55-07 Hoke/Avery's Brigade (Early’s Div., Ewell’s Corps)
B-55-08 Gordon's Brigade (Early’s Div., Ewell’s Corps)
B-55-09 Iverson's Brigade (Rodes’ Div., Ewell’s Corps)
B-55-10 Jones' Brigade (Johnson’s Div., Ewell’s Corps)
B-55-11 Lane's Brigade (Pender’s Div., Hill’s Corps)
B-55-12 Nicholls' Brigade (Johnson’s Div., Ewell’s Corps)
B-55-13 O'Neal's Brigade (Rodes’ Div., Ewell’s Corps)
B-55-14 Perrin's Brigade (Pender’s Div., Hill’s Corps)
B-55-15 Pettigrew's Brigade (Heth’s Div., Hill’s Corps)
B-55-16 Ramseur's Brigade (Rodes’ Div., Ewell’s Corps)
B-55-17 Scales' Brigade (Pender’s Div., Hill’s Corps)
B-55-18 Smith's Brigade (Early’s Div., Ewell’s Corps)
B-55-19 Kershaw's Brigade (McLaws’ Div., Longstreet’s Corps)
B-55-20 Barksdale's Brigade (McLaws’ Div., Longstreet’s Corps)
B-55-21 Armistead's Brigade (Pickett’s Div., Longstreet’s Corps)

Box B-56 Harry Pfanz Collection, Box 2

B-56-01 Steuart's Brigade (Johnson’s Div., Ewell’s Corps)
B-56-02 Stonewall Brigade (Johnson’s Div., Ewell’s Corps)
B-56-03 Wilcox's Brigade (Anderson’s Div., Hill’s Corps)
B-56-05 Wright's Brigade (Anderson’s Div., Hill’s Corps)
B-56-06 Early's Division- Jubal A. Early
B-56-07 Hood's Division- John B. Hood
B-56-08 Johnson's Division- Edward Johnson
B-56-09 McLaws' Division- Lafayette McLaws
B-56-10 Pickett's Division- George E. Pickett
B-56-11 Rodes' Division- Robert M. Rodes
B-56-12 Ewell's Corps- Richard S. Ewell
B-56-13 Lee's Headquarters (Lee)
B-56-14 Longstreet's Corps- James Longstreet
B-56-15 Miscellaneous Confederate Accounts

Box B-57 Harry Pfanz Collection, Box 3

B-57-01 Confederate Artillery, Army of Northern Virginia
B-57-02 Confederate Cavalry, Army of Northern Virginia
B-57-03 Avery, Isaac E.
B-57-04 Early, Jubal A.
B-57-05 Ewell, Richard S.
B-57-06 Harrison, Henry T. (CS Spy)
B-57-07 Heth, Henry
B-57-08 Hill, A.P.
B-57-09 Lee, Robert E.
B-57-10 Longstreet, James
B-57-11 McLaws, Lafayette
B-57-12 Pender, William D.
B-57-13 Union Artillery
B-57-14 Union Cavalry (two folders)
B-57-15 Engineers, U.S.
B-57-16 Miscellaneous Union Accounts
B-57-17 First Corps, Army of the Potomac
B-57-18 Second Corps, Army of the Potomac
B-57-19 Third Corps, Army of the Potomac
B-57-20 Fifth Corps, Army of the Potomac
B-57-21 Sixth Corps, Army of the Potomac
B-57-22 Eleventh Corps, Army of the Potomac
B-57-23 Twelfth Corps, Army of the Potomac

Box B-58 Harry Pfanz Collection, Box 4

B-58-04 Carr's Brigade (1-2-3)
B-58-05 Iron (Meredith's) Brigade (1-1-1)
B-58-06 Baxter's Brigade (2-2-1)
B-58-07 Biddle's Brigade (1-3-1)
B-58-08 Candy's Brigade (1-2-12)
B-58-09 Carroll's Brigade (1-3-2)
B-58-10 Cobham's (Kane's) Brigade (2-2-12)
B-58-11 Colgrove's Brigade (3-1-12)
B-58-12 Cutler's Brigade (2-1-1)
B-58-13 Coster's Brigade (1-2-11)
B-58-14 Greene's Brigade (3-2-12)
B-58-15 von Gilsa's Brigade (1-1-11)
B-58-16 Harris' (Ames') Brigade (2-1-11)
B-58-17 Lockwood's Brigade (2-1-12)
B-58-18 McDougall's Brigade (1-1-12)
B-58-19 Paul's Brigade (1-2-1)
B-58-20 Shaler's Brigade (1-3-6)

Box B-59 Harry Pfanz Collection, Box 5

B-59-01 Thomas Kane's Brig. (2-2-12)
B-59-02 Orlando Smith's Brigade (2-2-11)
B-59-03 Roy Stone's Brigade (2-2-1)
B-59-04 Schimmelfennig's Brigade (1-3-11)
B-59-05 Barlow, Francis
B-50-06 Doubleday, Abner
B-59-07 Geary, John
B-59-08 Gibbon, John
B-59-09 Gregg, David M.
B-59-10 Hancock, Winfield S.
B-59-11 Howard, Oliver O.
B-59 12 Meade, George G.
B-59-13 Reynolds, John F.
B-59-14 Robinson, John C.
B-59-15 Schurz, Carl
B-59-16 Slocum, Henry
B-59-17 General Notations, Town of Gettysburg
B-59-18 Civilian Accounts
B-59-19 General Notations: Battle of Gettysburg
B-59-20 Newspaper Clippings: General
B-59-21 Research Sources
B-59-22 Bibliography

Box B-60 Harry Pfanz Collection, Box 6


Box B-61 Harry Pfanz Collection, Box 7

B-61-01 Civil War- Miscellaneous
B-61-02 Maps
B-61-03 Author's Notes
B-61-04 Draft Outline, Gettysburg- First Day
B-61-05 Correspondence
Microfilm: A.A. Humphreys Papers, Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Microfilm: George G. Meade Papers, Historical Society of Pennsylvania

NOTE: Copyrights and restrictions are noted in each file. Some files may not be reproduced for use outside of the park. Gettysburg NMP and the National Park Service reserve all rights to refuse requests for copies of specific materials and collections.

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