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These documents from the Florida Monument Files are related to the NPS approval of the erection of the Florida Memorial on the Gettysburg Battlefield. They are presented in chronological order.

1. GNMP Supervisory Historian Frederick Tilberg to Mrs. Joseph C. Moore, August 12, 1954
Mrs. Moore provides Mr. Tilberg the names if the Florida Commission for erecting a monument for the Florida Regiment. She mentions their visit of the Commission to Gettysburg on July 9, 1895 and provides an excerpt form the Gettysburg Star and Sentinel.

2. Paul W. Danahy Jr., Sasser & Danahy, to Honorable D. B. McKay, June 6, 1959
Mr. Danahy mentions his interest surrounding “the War Between the States” and he offers his services to help in erecting a monument at Gettysburg using State “appropriated monies” similar to that accomplished in 1907 for the Florida monument at Chickamauga. His services include “drafting the proper legislation.” He also mentions “This might well coincide with the centennial anniversary of the battle, occurring in July 1963.”

3. Tampa Tribune article “UDC Urges Gettysburg Memorial,” June 7, 1959
Mrs. Herbert Vance, President of Florida United Daughters (FL UDC) of the Confederacy forwarded a letter to Florida Governor Collins from Retired USAF Colonel Read B. Harding recommending Florida erect a monument to the men who fought for Florida at Gettysburg in 1863. A Monument for this purpose has already been erected in 1954 at Vicksburg. He also writes “I feel sure this project will have the sympathetic support of the press in Florida as well as that of many patriotic organizations besides the UDC and SCV.”

4. Paul W. Danahy Jr. to Jack Peeples, Legislative Assistant, Office of the Governor, (No Letter Enclosed), June 9, 1959
Mr. Danahy writes to Mr. Peebles indicting the purpose of this letter is to place his services at Mr. Peebles’ disposal in the development of a 1961 legislation necessary for “the construction of a Florida monument at Gettysburg.”

5. D. B. McKay to Paul W. Danahy Jr., June 11, 1959
Mr. McKay suggests Mr. Danahy contact Mrs. Herbert Vance, president of the Florida Division of the United Daughters of the Confederacy and refers him to the Tampa Tribune article of June 7th.

6. Jack Peebles to Paul W. Danahy Jr., June 23, 1959
Mr. Peebles responds to Mr. Danahy’s letter of June 9th and states he is leaving the Office of the Governor “but will see that your letter gets the proper attention.”

7. Paul W. Danahy Jr. to Louis M. Simon, Exec. Director, Gettysburg Civil War Centennial Commission, April 11, 1963
Mr. Danahy introduces himself to Mr. Simon and the services he could provide to him and Florida in supporting the effort to provide Legislative support for a Florida Monument at Gettysburg “during the Centennial observance.”

8. Louis M. Simon, Pennsylvania Centennial Commission to Mr. Paul W, Danahy Jr, Attorney from Tampa Florida, April 16, 1963
Mr. Simons is forwarding a letter Mr. Danahy sent Simon to GNMP Superintendent Kitteridge Wing and writes “any further action on this letter will be taken by Mr. Wing.”

9. GNMP Superintendent Kittridge A. Wing to Paul W. Danahy, Jr., April 19, 1963
Supt. Wing tells Mr. Danahy his letter to Mr. Simon has been forwarded to him. He outlines in detail the “the procedure to be used by a State wishing to erect a monument on this Park.”

10. Paul W. Danahy Jr. to Adam C. Adams, Florida Civil War Centennial Commission (FLCWCC), (Page 3 Missing and no enclosure), April 23, 1963
Mr. Danahy writes Mr. Adams about his interest in a Florida monument commemorating the Florida troops and the part played by them at the Battle of Gettysburg. He also states he will forward this letter to Mr. Evans, the Governor’s assistant, and goes on to describe his interest in Perry’s Brigade at Gettysburg and his service assisting the Florida Attorney General during the 1957 legislative session. As well as his knowledge of the legislation passed in 1907 for the Chickamauga monument. And finally, he encloses a copy of a letter he sent the Gettysburg Superintendent Wing regarding the procedures for erecting a monument at the Gettysburg Battlefield.

11. Paul W. Danahy Jr. to George W. Hill, Executive Director, Texas State Historical Survey Committee, April 29, 1963
Mr. Danahy learned through Mr. Adams, that Texas is also in the process of erecting a monument in the Gettysburg Park and is hoping Mr. Hill might be able to provide information he might have as to the cost of the monument and companies he might be dealing with on their monument.

12. Paul W. Danahy Jr. to Payne Williams, Chairman, South Carolina Committee for Gettysburg, April 29, 1963
Mr. Danahy writes Mr. Williams about the effort of the South Carolina Committee for a monument at Gettysburg and his similar efforts on behalf of Florida. He mentions the soon to be celebrated 100th anniversary of the battle at Gettysburg and asks help in providing information on the cost and companies which might assist in the erection of a Florida monument.

13. Mr. Paul W, Danahy Jr, Attorney from Tampa Florida, to Supt. Kittridge A. Wing, April 30, 1963
Acknowledging Wing’s letter of April 19th, Danahy mentions he is preparing a Bill for the current session of the Florida Legislature’s current session for a monument in this “Centennial year.” He also mentions the efforts of Texas and South Carolina and asks “which of the Confederate states have placed monuments of any type other than Federal markers, … which had troops in service at Gettysburg?”

14. Supt. Kittridge A. Wing to Paul W. Danahy Jr., (No Maps were Included) May 10, 1963
Supt. Wing provides Mr. Danahy with details of the number of visitors to the Gettysburg Park in 1961 and 1962 and anticipates more visitors during the 100th anniversary of the Gettysburg Battle in 1963. He also provides a list of the Confederate states that currently have state-sponsored monuments in the Park and includes the planned South Carolina monument as well. Finally, a map of suggested sites for the Florida monument with reference to the Florida Brigade and Anderson’s Division were included.

15. Woodie A. Liles, State Representative to Paul W. Danahy, Jr., May 14, 1963
Florida State tax bills are being presented to the Florida Legislature but Mr. Liles comments “it is going to be very difficult to get any special appropriations’ bill out of the committee. If we can get the law in the books then in the next session we will have a better chance of getting an adequate appropriation.”

16. Louis Simon, Pennsylvania Centennial Commission to Paul W. Danahy, Jr., May 20, 1963
Mr. Simon writes Mr. Danahy he has been informed that that the NPS has a location in mind for the Florida monument and he’s aware of Mr. Danahy’s efforts in this matter. Mr. Simon suggests that the proposed dedications of the Florida and South Carolina monuments be held during the three-day Centennial celebration of July 1-3, 1963.

17. Harry V. Connolly, Bruns Monumental Company, to GNMP Superintendent James B. Myers, May 25, 1963
Mr. Connolly notifies Supt. Myers that the contract to build the Florida monument on the selected site has been awarded to Bruns Monumental Company and he is mailing the plans to the Superintendent in a few days. He also states, “the United States Senators in Washington representing Florida will be contacted to “rush this through the Department of Interior and National Park Service.”

18. Telegraphic Message, from Supt. Kittridge Wing to Paul W. Danahy Jr., May 27, 1963
A telegram from Supt. Wing to Mr. Danahy informs him the proposed Florida monument inscription must be “here immediately.” Wing cannot assure Danahy of “approval in time for June 17 construction start.”

19. Paul W. Danahy Jr. to Adam Adams, (FL CWCC), June 3, 1963
Both Mr. Danahy and Mr. Adams have been appointed to the Monument Committee with Mr. Adams as Chairman. Mr. Danahy goes on to brief Mr. Adams of the appointment of J.B. Hill as architect and the Bruns Company as the monument builder. Also, the date of July 2 is mentioned as the dedication date “in accordance with the intent of the bill.”

20. Florida Governor Farris Bryant to Mr. Paul Danahy, Jr. appointee to the Florida Gettysburg Memorial Commission (GMC), June 4, 1963
Governor Bryant appoints Paul Danahy Jr. to the Gettysburg Memorial Commission and Adam G. Adams has been appointed will serve as Chairman of the Commission.

21. Supt. Kittridge Wing to Harry Connolly, Bruns Co., June 5, 1963
Supt. Wing is concerned he has not received the “text proposals for the Florida monument and asks that “the text layouts be sent to me at once.”

22. Harry Connolly, Bruns Co., to Supt. Kittridge Wing, June 7, 1963
Mr. Connolly supplies Supt. Wing with the requested lettering for the Florida monument and he is “still planning to begin the erection of the South Carolina Memorial on June 17.”

23. Paul W. Danahy, Jr. to Herschel Cribb, reporter, Tampa Tribune, June 7, 1963
This letter to Herschel Cribb, a reporter for the Tamps Tribune has the first page missing from the three-page letter. As such, it is missing the date it was sent but we believe I was sent before Mr. Cribb wrote his article for the Tampa Tribune of June 10th. Mr. Danahy provides the reporter with full details of the planned Florida monument at Gettysburg, its financing by the State, the history of the 1907 legislation for the monument at Chickamauga Battlefield and Mr. Danahy’s role in the effort to erect the monument on July 3, 1963. He acknowledges the architect and monument builder completing the Gettysburg monument as well as the efforts of the Florida Governor and other legislators.

24. Paul W. Danahy Jr. to Sam M. Gibbons Member of Congress, June 7, 1963
Mr. Danahy briefs Mr. Gibbons, a Florida representative from Florida on the background and current efforts to erect a Florida monument at Gettysburg during its 100th anniversary of the Battle. And he thanks him for his efforts in this regard.

27. NPS Regional Director Ronald Lee to Director Northeast Region, June 13, 1963
Regional Director Lee sends prints of the Florida monument and a memo of June 10th from Supt. Wing “recommending approval of the design and the site location on Confederate Avenue.”

28. Supt. Kittridge Wing to Regional Director, Northeast Region, June 13, 1963
This letter by Supt. Wing is a follow-up of his memo of his memo of June 10th. He was informed today “from Dr. Walter Coleman that Mr. Tolson approved the plans as submitted, so that construction can now begin.” Mr. Wing also indicates that Mr. Connolly will start work on June 17th.

29. Telegram from Hillory A. Tolson, Acting Director NPS to Superintendent GNMP, June 14, 1963
This telegram informs Supt. Wing that the erection of the Florida monument may begin.

30. Paul Danahy to Louis Simon (Gettysburg Centennial Commission), June 14, 1963
Mr. Danahy informs Mr. Simon that the Florida monument plans have been completed and he provides details of the Dedication Ceremony to him.

31. Paul Danahy to Sam Gibbons, June 14, 1963
Mr. Danahy thanks Representative Gibbons for accepting his invitation to the Florida Dedication Ceremony and he will provide additional materials to him before the ceremony.

32. Supt. Kittridge Wing to Regional Director, Northeast Region, June 24, 1963
Supt. Wing updates the Regional Director of the details for completing the South Carolina and Florida monuments and that the South Carolina dedication will be held on July 2nd with the Florida ceremony being held on July 3rd.

33. Paul Danahy Jr. to Paul Roy, Editor, Gettysburg Times, (no clipping attached), June 25, 1963
Mr. Danahy’s letter of June 25th provides a clipping from the National Geographic that mentions the Gettysburg Times and Mr. Danahy informs the Editor of the upcoming dedication of the Florida monument on July 3rd and also mentions Mr. Danahy’s background (ancestry in the 9th Massachusetts Regiment, etc.) and his role in the completion of the monument.

35. Paul Danahy to Poet Carl Sandburg, June 26, 1963
Mr. Danahy writes Mr. Sandburg. In the letter he mentions the July National Geographic article and he tells the story of his great grandfather’s brother John who served in the 9th Massachusetts Volunteers. He goes on to detail the upcoming dedication of the Florida monument in Gettysburg and he invites Mr. Sandburg to the ceremony.

36. Paul Danahy to Sam Gibbons, June 27, 1963
Mr. Danahy encloses a few “suggested remarks” which Mr. Gibbons might “deem fit” for his dedication speech. He also includes additional details of the invited guests, participants in the ceremony and mention of Perry’s Brigade. Note the suggestion of “one could stress the pro-South ‘states’ right point of view’ that it was a constitutional right of the states [that] voluntarily formed the Union to dissolve it by their own consent.”

38. Speech by Honorable Sam M. Gibbons at Florida Dedication, July 3,1963 This is the Dedication speech given by the Honorable Sam M. Gibbons of the 10th District of Florida at the Dedication of the Florida Memorial at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on July 3, 1963.

39. Florida Memorial Dedication Ceremonies. Gettysburg, July 3, 1963
This is a transcript of the Dedication Ceremonies for the Dedication of the Florida Memorial at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on July 3, 1963. It includes an introduction by Adam G. Adams, an invocation by Father Vincent Crawford, Paul W. Danahy, Master of Ceremonies, and a speech by Congressman Sam M. Gibbons who with his son Mark Gibbons also unveil the monument. A benediction by Father Vincent Crawford concludes the program.

40. An example of the Invitation to attend Florida Gettysburg Memorial Commission Dedication, July 3, 1963
A copy of the invitation used for the Florida dedication.

41. Tampa Tribune “Florida Honors War Dead,” July 4, 1963
Newspaper article describes the Dedication of the Florida Monument on the Gettysburg Battlefield held that day.

42. Paul Danahy Jr. to Agfa Photo Shop, July 5, 1963
A letter by Mr. Danahy hoping to recover a roll of film he may have left at a store in Gettysburg on July 4.

43. Adam Adams, Gettysburg Memorial Commission (GMC), to Florida Governor Farris Bryant, July 8, 1963
Mr. Adams provides a full description of the monument dedication to the Governor and mentions the many dignitaries attending the ceremony.

44. Adam Adams, (GMC) to Father Vincent Crawford, St. Leo Abbey and College, July 9, 1963
Mr. Adams thanks Father Crawford for his participation in the Florida Dedication.

45. Supt. Kittridge Wing to Father Vincent Crawford, St. Leo Abbey and College, July 10, 1963
Supt. Wing also thanks Father Crawford and Monsignor Dunn for their participating in the Florida monument dedication.

46. Paul Danahy Jr. to Father Vincent Crawford, Photos of Dedication Ceremonies, July 16, 1963
Mr. Danahy sends photos of the Florida dedication to Father Crawford.

47. Father Vincent Crawford to Paul Danahy, July 17, 1963
Father Crawford thanks Mr. Danahy for the photos and mentions Monsignor Dunn was “edified and deeply impressed … with the beauty and dignity of the monument and the reverence of the group gathered for the ceremonies.”

48. GNMP Supervisory Historian Frederick Tilberg to Mr. Paul Danahy, GMC, July 17, 1863
Pfanz requests information “on the monument of a historical nature … for our files.

49. Congressman Sam Gibbons to Paul Danahy, July 18, 1963
Mr. Gibbons also has received photos of the dedication and he appreciates his “kind compliments.”

50. Paul Danahy to GNMP Harry W. Pfanz, Supervisory Historian, July 23, 1963
Mr. Danahy provides Mr. Pfanz with materials related to the erection of the Florida monument and provides details of the those who participated in its building. He also explains his ancestry with a member of the 9th Massachusetts soldier at Gettysburg.

51. Harry W. Pfanz to Paul Danahy, August 8, 1963
Mr. Pfanz thanks Mr. Danahy for the materials he received.

52. Adam Adams, (GMC) to Miss Ilona M. Driner, September 10, 1963
Mr. Adams thanks Miss Driner for her note and asks her to thank Mr. Danahy for his efforts in regard to the Jefferson Davis Association.

53. Supt. Kittridge Wing to Harry Connolly, Bruns Co., July 8, 1964
Supt. Wing notifies Mr. Connolly that the Florida monument “has developed a discoloration at the base of the main shaft, as well as the stone immediately below it.” He encloses a photo and it’s unclear as to the cause, but it first appeared in the Spring of 1964.

54. Colonel Read B. Harding, USAF Retired, to Paul Danahy Jr., October 8, 1964
Col. Harding thanks Mr. Danahy for the transcription he sent. He also mentions the actions of Colonel David Lang and his “exceptional” career.

55. Edna J. McMuller, Hillsborough County Historical Commission to Danahy Jr., November 18, 1964
The Hillsborough County Historical Commission thanks Mr. Danahy for his presentation of the Florida monument at Gettysburg.

56. Rev. Vincent Crawford to Mrs. Baker, President Florida UDC, December 5, 1964
Father Crawford thanks Mrs. Baker and provides her with copies of the “St. Leo paper.” He also indicated that he was pleased to be “honored by the UDC of Florida” for his participation in the dedication of the Florida monument. He also congratulates Mrs. Baker for her efforts as President of the Florida chapters of the UDC.A handwritten note by Betty Baker also appears at the bottom of the second page.

57. GNMP Asst. Supt. Sollenberger to Ernest Hammaker, H & B Memorials, August 31, 1965
Mr. Sollenberger writes Mr. Hammaker that the Florida monument “needs sealing” and he would like to discuss it with him.

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