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A black and white photograph of a tall white monument with a horse and rider on top is on the right. There is a curved dirt roadway on the left with four buses and their drivers parked and standing along the road.
Four battlefield touring buses parked along drive in front of VA Monument with drivers and one Licensed Battlefield Guide circa late 1920s-1930s.

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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Licensed Battlefield Guide (LBG) at Gettysburg National Military Park (GNMP). The following information provides details about the multi-tiered LBG Licensing Process.

The objective of the multi-tiered LBG Licensing Process is to license the most qualified, knowledgeable, skilled, and professional individuals as Licensed Battlefield Guides at GNMP. Each guide is expected and required to uphold more than a centuries-old tradition of mastering relevant core knowledge about the Battle of Gettysburg within the context of causes and consequences of the American Civil War to interpret and communicate that knowledge to the visiting public in an engaging manner.

Under the leadership of the Supervisory Park Ranger a diverse committee of five veteran LBGs continually review, revise, and implement best practices based on feedback from GNMP staff, veteran LBGs, the visiting public, and past successful and unsuccessful examinees. The resulting product is a multi-tiered examination process approved by the GNMP Superintendent that is transparent, open, comprehensive, thorough, focused, dynamic, and challenging.

It is important to state that Licensed Battlefield Guides are not employees of Gettysburg National Military Park and they do not receive benefits. They are licensees and understand that guiding seasons can be variable, public visitation can be variable, and requests for LBG tours can be variable. Thus, guiding should not be considered a stable and/or predictable revenue generator. Interested individuals must be prepared to navigate the ebb and flow of a tourist-driven economy as well as their individual schedules.

If you wish to earn the Gettysburg LBG license (permission to enter GNMP and provide a personalized tour for compensation)—a privilege, not an inherent right—you are required to successfully complete each tier of the multi-tiered process in sequence within one examination cycle, which includes:

Tier 1 - Written Examination: December 7, 2024.
Tier 2 - Panel Interview: February-March 2025.
Tier 3 - Field Practicum: Early Spring to late summer 2025.
Tier 4 - Oral Battlefield Examination: June to November 2025.
Tier 5 - Post-Licensing Orientation: Spring 2026.

Each tier of the process will be scored according to a specific rubric developed and approved by Gettysburg National Military Park and the testing committee. You must successfully complete the requirements of each tier in the process to advance to the next tier to earn the license to serve as an LBG at Gettysburg. Failure to successfully complete any of the tiers means a failure of the entire examination process. In the event this occurs, however, you may attempt to earn your license the next time GNMP offers the full examination process to prospective LBGs.

The Licensed Battlefield Guides serve as a vital cornerstone of the visitors’ experience and will continue to play a key role in the Park’s mission.

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The schedule of rates approved for Licensed Battlefield Guides, effective January, 2024 is as follows:

Rate Paid to Licensed Battlefield Guide for 2 hour tour.

1-6 Visitors (car): $70.00
7-15 Visitors (van): $96.00
Group: 16+ Visitors (Bus) $152.00

Guides must be paid using the current Schedule of Approved Rates prescribed for a two-hour tour by the director of the National Park Service. Guides shall be paid a pro-rated fee, based on the Schedule of Rates, for tours lasting longer than two hours. Guides will not demand more than the authorized fees established by the schedule of of Approved Rates. They may, at their own discretion, charge less.

Last updated: April 17, 2024

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