Your Park! Your Health!

Enjoy Gateway with Your Park! Your Health!

Your Park! Your Health! inspires dynamic engagement between diverse audiences in NYC / NJ and their national park!

Over the summer, a team of multi-cultural college interns work to achieve their personal fitness goals while leading fun adventures in New York City's urban outback.

Lets Go To Gateway!

Originally titled ¡Tu Parque! ¡Tu Salúd!, the initiative began in 2011 with funding through a grant from the American Heart Association to engage Latino New Yorkers in active outdoor recreation. Reflecting the program's growing popularity and cultural diversity among participants, the title was changed in 2012 to Your Park! Your Health!.

Now entering our 6th season, Your Park! Your Health! continues to grow in partnership with six local and national agencies to encourage holistic community wellness and invite participation with the park.

Your Park! Your Health! 'Lets Go!' activities are offered in all parts of Gateway including Staten Island and Sandy Hook, NJ.

Liang Yi leads an icebreaker activity
Lets Go! activities inspire people of all ages to play, learn and grow together.

NPS PHOTO by Sheridan Roberts


In It to Win It: Together!

Parks are a natural 'fit' for improved health and enhanced quality of life, whether through America's Great Outdoors Initiative or Healthy Parks, Healthy People. As America's first urban recreation area, Gateway brings the national park experience to audiences of New York City and New Jersey. With Your Park! Your Health!, Gateway is establishing a model of interactive engagement between the National Park Service and people of every age, interest and background!

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Sailing (Sasha Jimenez)
NYC is surrounded by water. Your Park! Your Health! helps us to enjoy it!

NPS Photo by Francesca Simondi

Last updated: April 14, 2016

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