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Where does our food and things were use everyday come from? How are they made? Where does all the waste that we make go? Where does the energy in our homes come from?

The shampoo you use, the water in which you swim, the meal you eat, the to-go bag that you throw away: it is all connected, and we are the ones that create this system every day.

Let's work together to manage the resources we and the waste that we produce in order to create more sustainable neighborhoods.

What is ECOlife?

ECOlife is a summer educational program that allows summer camps to bring their students to the park for an on-site field education experience. Students learn the concept of sustainability through hands on activities. ECOlife provides kids with the tools that they can use to fulfill a greener lifestyle and gain the ability to give back to their neighborhood. The 2017 summer schedule is full, but if you are interested in bringing your summer camp to Gateway for the 2018 summer, email e-mail us. Write "ECOlife reservation/information" in the email subject line, thank you!

Who's It for?

- Kids must be 7 or older
- Group size max 60 kids (but we can work with slightly larger groups if your staff can help)
- Established Civic Groups


.The program is held in Staten Island at Fort Wadsworth, in Queens at Fort Tilden, and in Brooklyn at Floyd Bennet Field. These are all located in Gateway National Recreation Area.

Program Contents

The ECOlife program can accommodate a maximum of 60 kids. The kids will be split in groups and each group will rotate to different activities each day. During the three days kids will do various activities such as:
- Learn basic biking skills and go on a bike tour with Bike New York
- Come up with their own sustainability solutions using systemic design
- Growing local and organic food and planting seeds to bring home
- Learn about marine debris and how to recycle trash.
- Discover how to reuse what we normally call "waste"
- Explore the historic forts and creates ways to promote their cultural heritage
- Share their new green vision with their community

Last updated: July 6, 2017

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