2011 Harbor Herons presentations

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2011 Harbor Herons attendees listen intently to NYC Audubon Director, Susan Elbin present research results.
2011 Harbor Heron and Colonial Waterbird annual meeting attendees listen intently as Susan Elbin, Director of Conservation and Science at NYC Audubon, presents research results.

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The 2011 Harbor Herons and Colonial Waterbirds annual meeting was held on December 5th and 6th at Gateway National Recreation Area, Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island.

2011 Meeting Materials:

Agenda and presenter booklet


New York - New Jersey Harbor Estuary Program: Overview of a Program in an Urban Watershed, Robert M. Nyman, New York - New Jersey Estuary Program Office, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Harbor Herons Subcommittee Meeting, Susan Elbin, NYC Audubon Society and Nellie Tsipoura, NJ Audubon Society

HEP Habitat Restoration Grant, Proposed Scope of Work, Mike Feller, NYC Parks and Recreation, NRG and Susan Elbin, NYC Audubon

Piping Plover Monitoring 2011, Tony Luscombe, National Park Service

Interactions between American Oystercatchers and Piping Plovers at Breezy Point, Bryan Hogan, PACE University

Cormorant Population Trends in the NY Harbor, 2005-2011, Susan Elbin and Liz Craig, NYC Audubon

Diet Study of Double-crested Cormorants in the NY Harbor, Colin Grubel, City University of NY

Local Movements of Foraging Double-crested Cormorants as determined by Satellite Telemetry, Colin Grubel, City University of NY

Immunological and Reproductive Health Assessment in Herring Gulls and Black-crowned Night-Herons in the Hudson Raritan Estuary, K. Grasman, Calvin College et al. presented by Tim Kubiak, US Fish and Wildlife Service

Methylmercury, Diet, and Nutritional Condition in Waterbirds of NY Harbor, Charlie Clarkson, University of Virginia

Mercury-selenium Relationships in the New Jersey Fish and in Fish-eating Birds, Joanna Burger and Michael Gochfeld, Rutgers University

Salt Marsh Sparrows in New York City, Nate McVay, NRG Science Team of City Parks

Citizen Science Heron Surveys - Update from 2011 Season, Nellie Tsipoura, NJ Audubon Society

Monitoring Waterbirds in the Bronx River Estuary, Dawn Henning, Rocking the Boat, Inc.

Training Peer Mentors for Citizen Science Surveys, John Rowden, NYC Audubon

2011 American Oystercatcher Productivity at Breezy Point and Riis Park, NY, Emilio Tobon, NYC Audubon

Report for the American Oystercatcher Regional Meeting and NE Partnerships, Shiloh Schulte, Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences

Update from the Southern New England Long Island Sound Working Group, 2011, Andrew MacLachlan, US Fish and Wildlife Service

Updates from Gateway National Recreation Area. Radiation-hazard Zone at Great Kills Park; Fuel Tank Removals at Swinburne and Fort Tilden, George Frame, National Park Service

Updates - Breezy Point Co-Op; Plum Beach; Hydrokinetics in the East River, Steve Sinkevich, U.S.Fish and Wildlife Service

Upstate NY Marshbird Monitoring Program, Katherine Yard, NY State DEC

Beach Nesting Bird Work and Salt Marsh, Kerri Dikun, NY Audubon

Horseshoe Crabs and Shorebirds in Jamaica Bay, 2011 Season Update, John Rowden, NYC Audubon

Hotspots of Seabird Abundance in the Northwest Atlantic, Dick Veit, College of Staten Island

Long-term Waterbird Monitoring in the New York Harbor, Susan Elbin, NYC Audubon

Harbor Herons Nesting Activity in 2011, Liz Craig, NYC Audubon and Cornell University

Yellow-crowned Night Heron Colonies in the Meadowlands, Hugh Carola, Hackensack Riverkeeper

NYC Audubon Wading Bird Data at Randall's Island, Victoria Ruzicka, NYC Parks and Recreation

What Do All These Survey Numbers Mean?, Nellie Tsipoura, NJ Audubon Society

Philopatry, roosting and dispersal of Great Egrets from Southern Ontario...with a NY/NJ Connection, Chip Weseloh, Canadian Wildlife Service, Nellie Tsipoura, NJ Audubon, Susan Elbin, NYC Audubon, Dave More, CWS

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