Sesame Street Explores Gateway

Ranger Shalini shows Elmo and Murray the wonders of Gateway

Elmo and Murray Discover the Wonders of Gateway!

Sesame Street's Elmo and Murray have donned their Ranger hats and joined Ranger Shalini Gopie to learn all about what makes Gateway National Recreation Area such a special place for the many species of birds, plants, and insects that call the salt marshes around New York City home.

Watch Elmo, Murray, and Ranger Shalini Explore Gateway

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A piping plover nest at Jamaica Bay.


Not only do millions of people in New York and New Jersey call the area around Gateway National Recreation Area home, but all kinds of different birds and their families!

Watch "Sesame Street Explores National Parks: Gateway and Families" on the official YouTube channel of the National Park Service!

A monarch butterfly at Great Kills Park on Staten Island.


The changing seasons bring many visitors to Gateway National Recreation Area, including many types of birds and insects who stop by for a visit on their long migrations.

Watch "Sesame Street Explores National Parks: Gateway and Seasons" on the official YouTube channel of the National Park Service!

Salt marsh reeds at Sandy Hook.


The salt marshes and waterways around Gateway National Recreation Area are unique places only found along the seashores.

Watch on the "Sesame Street Explores National Parks: Gateway and Habitats" official YouTube Channel of the National Park Service!


Gateway National Recreation Area wasn't the only National Park Elmo and Murray learned about - see more Sesame Street videos as they joined Park Ranger Amala Posey and explored Grand Canyon National Park!

We would also like to thank Trevor Laurence, Jeffrey Gould of Action Media, Dan Hendricks, Jamaica Bay Lives, and the Sandy Hook Foundation for their assistance with this project.


Parent and Teacher Resources

Continue the exploration of nests, seasons, and habitats with these exciting activities! You and your child may live a ways away from Gateway, but you can still take your child on a Nature Scavenger Hunt, complete a Nature Journal, and earn a special Sesame Street Park Ranger badge! Classroom teachers can also find a guide for educators, and companion video discussion questions to keep your students thinking about the nature all around them.

Nature Journal

Nature Journal

Explore the outdoors in your neighborhood, and keep track of what you see, hear, and feel!
(PDF - 1.4 mb)

Scavenger Hunt

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Go on a scavenger hunt for what's living in your the park nearest you.
(PDF - 536 kb)

Park Ranger Vocabulary

Speak Like a Park Ranger!

A vocabulary list of nature words to use on your own nature treks.
(PDF - 559 kb)

Elmo and Murray Coloring Page

Coloring Page

Color Elmo and Murray being Park Rangers!
(PDF - 602 kb)

Color Your Nature Badge

Color Your Nature Badge

Have your child earn and color their Park Ranger badge after completing the activities above!
(PDF - 539 kb)

Iron On Nature Badge

Iron On Nature Badge

Create a color iron-on version of the Park Ranger badge.
(PDF - 728 kb)

Video Tips

Companion Video Tips

Follow-up activity ideas and question prompts for continued learning.
(PDF - 18.7mb)

Educator's Guide

Educator's Guide

A twelve page educator's guide including lesson plans, discussion, and activity ideas.
(PDF - 1.97 mb)

Last updated: March 25, 2021

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