Floyd Bennett Field


New York City's first municipal airport

Floyd Bennett Field was opened as New York City's first municipal airport on May 23, 1931. Throughout the 1930's, it was the site of many important first and record breaking flights, which helped to advance aviation technology during the "Golden Age of Aviation."

In 1941, Floyd Bennett Field was sold to the United States Navy and became Naval Air Station-New York. During World War II, Floyd Bennett Field was the busiest naval air station in the United States. The field was used for training and antisubmarine patrol flights. It was also the home of the Naval Air Ferry Command which was responsible for the acceptance, commissioning, and ferrying of naval aircraft from the factories to the fleet.

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Floyd Bennett Field is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Floyd Bennett Field Historic Structures Report, Volume 1

Floyd Bennett Field Historic Structures Report Volume 2

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A listing of Floyd Bennett Field's notable and historic flights.

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