Project Birdwing

Flying is an astounding adaptation that only a select number of animals have the privilege of experiencing. Project Birdwing gives students an opportunity to observe, test and study wing adaptations from birds in their area. Watch the video and then build a bird model using the patterns provided below.

You will need the following items:

2 sheets of paper (construction paper is best, but regular paper works)
a pair of scissors
coloring utensils (pens, crayons, etc)

  1. Print bird outline. You can trace it on another sheet if you are using construction paper or card stock. (Print out two copies of soar and glide).
  2. Color your bird (don't forget to pay attention to where you will cut)
  3. Cut out all of the pieces. There should be eight total pieces.
  4. Glue the matching bird bodies and wings.
  5. Attach the bird body and wings.
  6. Fold the support tabs and glue them to your bird.
  7. You're ready to take flight

To download the patterns, right click and "save image as" jpeg. Navigate to your downloads folder and open the image on your computer. From there you can print.

Cut out these pieces to create a model of a gliding bird
Model of a gliding bird
Cut out these pieces to create the model of a soaring bird
Model of a soaring bird
Cut these pieces to create a model of a bird with a quick take off
Model of a bird with a quick takeoff
Cut out these pieces to create the model of a bird with speed
Model of a speedy bird

Last updated: May 11, 2020

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