Final Entry: August 16, 2010

My time as a TRT at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge has ended. My final tour was with the Shorebird Festival. The festival was a perfect weather day. Mother Nature spun her wand and I was able to see and identify a variety of plovers, yellowlegs, sandpipers, terns, geese, ibis, egrets, swans, etc.

I can say that I was hanging out with the big birders and I would be telling the truth. Julia Clebsch (NPS), Don Riepe, John Rowden, Lloyd Spitalnik, and Kevin Karlson, all gave indoor presentations on Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge and on birding. Then it was time to go into the field to see the shorebirds. The field trip leaders were Andrew Baksh, Adrian Binns, Shane Blodgett, Tom Burke, Glen Davis, Doug Gochfeld, Kevin Karlson, Peter W. Post, Lloyd Spitalnik, and Scott Whittle and they were all knowledgeable in shorebirds and birding.

Since I am at the beginning stage of birding, I tried to stand by someone who would have patience with me when I asked a question. Yes, I did find a few birders who were willing to help me with my quest to become familiar with birds and to identify the birds in the surrounding area.

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