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Federal Preservation Institute

Established by the National Park Service in 2000, the Federal Preservation Institute (FPI) provides historic preservation training and education materials for use by all federal agencies and preservation officers.

FPI’s mission is mandated by Section 101(j) of the National Historic Preservation Act that directs the Secretary of the Interior to implement a comprehensive preservation education and training program that provides new standards and increased training opportunities.

FPI administers the Secretary of the Interior's preservation award program for Federal, Tribal, and State Historic Preservation Offices, and Certified Local Governments.

The Institute's programs are designed to assist federal preservation officers and other officials integrate national historic preservation policy—as expressed in more than 40 laws—within an agency’s principal mission.

Whatever your agency’s mission, FPI provides ready access to the appropriate knowledge, useful skills, and timely information in historic preservation through innovative programs delivered in a variety of media.

Historic preservation is a responsibility of every federal agency.