Traveling Trunks

Fort Donelson National Battlefield offers for your classroom and group a variety of traveling trunks intended to provide a unique hand-on opportunity for you and your students.

These trunks were developed by the talented Park Rangers at Fort Donelson plus teachers and educators from across the region. We are grateful for their support.

At this time, to reserve a trunk, please call (931)232-5706, ext. 103. A Park Ranger will discuss with you which trunks are available and how to reserve one for your class. The park will pay outgoing shipping. If the cost of return shipping may be a hardship, please discuss this with the Park Ranger.

Trunks for the following themes are available:

*The Underground Railroad. (This area witnessed much activity on the Underground Railroad in the time leading up to the 1862 battle.)

*A Confederate Soldier's life (Focuses on life at Fort Donelson through the perspective of a Confederate soldier)

*A Union Soldier's Life (Focuses on the life of a typical Union soldier from the midwest at the time)

*A Union Sailor's Life (Focuses on the life and work of a Union Navy Sailor)

*"Sarah's Journey" (Focuses on the story of a Tennessee widow and her struggles during the Civil War)

*Fort Heiman (Focuses on this unique, and often forgotten, Confederate fort along the west bank of the Tennessee River, in Calloway County, KY. Fort Henry was built, in part, to defend Fort Henry, across the river, in the case of a Union attack.)

Coming soon...a new traveling trunk focusing on Civil War sketch artists and how they helped educate the public then, and help historians and researchers now.)

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    Last updated: April 14, 2015

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