For Your Safety: Avoid Ticks

Several species of ticks live on Fire Island. The tiny deer tick can transmit Lyme disease and other illnesses, so you should avoid grassy areas or leaf litter where these ticks may be abundant. Wear light-colored clothing and check yourself frequently for ticks. Use an appropriate insect repellent and follow directions carefully. If bitten, remove the tick carefully with fine-tipped tweezers and consult a doctor.

Lyme disease is a devastating bacterial disease which is transmitted by a tick bite. Symptoms of Lyme disease may include joint pain, fever, lethargy, heart problems, kidney problems, loss of appetite and depression.

Other species of ticks also carry bacteria that can cause serious disease including ehrlichiosis and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

For More Information: Science Synthesis Paper

Vector-borne Diseases on Fire Island, New York
(Fire Island National Seashore Science Synthesis Paper)
Technical Report NPS/NER/NRTR--2005/018 by Howard S. Ginsberg

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Last updated: March 2, 2018

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