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March 2, 1999 marked the 100th Anniversary of the establishment of Mount Rainier as the nation's fifth national park. To commemorate the role Mount Rainier has played in our lives, the park and its external partners have planned a one year celebration centered on the theme: A Century of Resource Stewardship.

Resource Stewardship is the hallmark of National Park management. Every employee of Mount Rainier National Park holds the responsibility of protecting and preserving its natural, cultural, and recreational resources for the enjoyment and enrichment of current and future visitors. Through the Centennial celebration and its related interpretive programs, the park hopes to extend an understanding of that responsibility to the millions of people who visit and enjoy the park's resources each year.

In addition to the activities below, the park is undertaking several signature projects to highlight resource stewardship. Those projects include:

  • Sunrise Ecological Restoration [formerly the Sunrise Campground]
  • Rehabilitation of the White River Patrol Cabin
  • Completion of the final mile of the Wonderland Trail.
For more information on these projects, contact (360) 569-2211 ext. 2302.

Summer, 1999

Mt. Rainier Centennial Trinity Camp will take 100 at-risk children from local school districts to Mount Rainier National Park for a series of wilderness experiences and computer technology training. The students will produce a CD ROM on the 100 year history of the park. For more information contact: 425/250-1250.

Summer, 1999

Mt. Rainier Centennial The Tacoma Pierce County Visitor and Convention Bureau and gateway communities around the park will be hosting several special weekend festivals and activities in honor of the Centennial. For more information contact: 360/569-2211 ext. 2302.
Famed mountaineer, Lou Whittaker, will lead a special Centennial Climb to the summit of Mount Rainier. The climbing group will include international mountain climbers as well as celebrities that have climbed with Lou in the past.

August 12, 1999

Mt. Rainier Centennial Centennial Celebration. Mount Rainier National Park will host of day of celebration in honor of its Centennial. Activities in the Paradise area include recognition of the five organizations that pushed for the establishment of the park, representatives of the Washington State delegation, and of key groups who have made important contributions to the park throughout its history. A special Centennial Dinner will cap off the day's festivities. For more information contact 360/569-2211 ext. 2302.

September, 1999

Mt. Rainier Centennial White River Patrol Cabin Dedication. This historic back country cabin is being restored to its original condition and then will serve as a mini-museum about the park's extensive trail system, including the Wonderland Trail. For more information contact. 360/569-221, ext. 3364.
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