Photo by Mason Cummings/Parks Conservancy

Crissy Field

Shaping Our Future

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You can make a difference!

Earth’s changing climate is altering national parks, including Golden Gate Recreation Area. Sea level rise, extreme heat waves, more intense storms, droughts, and more wildland fires are some of the changes. Since most of climate change is caused by human activities, together we can slow climate change by changing our actions.

Arrange for Change

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Youth Ambassador Program featuring Tem Blessed

During Your Visit

What Can You Do

The National Park Service and Golden Gate National Recreation Area are reducing our greenhouse gas emissions to slow climate change. Here are some ways you can help us during your visit.

common milkweed

1. Leave your car behind and take the shuttle.

Purple coneflower

2. Walk or bike around the Presidio.

Scarlet beebalm

3. Reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Black-eyed susan

4. Refill a reusable water bottle.

Joe-pye weed

5. If you drove an electric car, recharge it at Crissy Field or Muir Woods for free.


Going Green!

See what we are doing at Golden Gate to be sustainable. You can take similar actions at home to keep it sustainable.

Greening Golden Gate