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This program will help you explore Aztec Ruins National Monument in New Mexico and learn about the ancestral Pueblo people who used to live here. Click on the map below to go to different videos and activities. You can do the activities in any order you want to, so choose subjects that are interesting to you. Once you complete four out of the six activities, you will be an official Junior Ranger! Junior Rangers help take care of all the national parks. You’ll receive a secret code at the end and a form to fill out your address. Then we will mail you a Junior Ranger patch.

Who lived in Aztec Ruins?
The ancestral Pueblo people lived at Aztec Ruins. Their relatives are the modern Pueblo Native American tribes still living in the Southwest.

When was it built?
Ancestral Pueblo people built Aztec Ruins about 900 years ago.

How did they use it?
Like our big cities today, Aztec Ruins was probably a place where lots of people gathered for religion, trade, and politics.

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There are six activities. Click on the image above, or click from the list below. For your scores to tally, don’t use the “Back Button in the browser”.

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