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Number 1

Great Kiva

Watch the video below to learn about the parts of a Great Kiva. Read about Earl Morris, and then scroll down to help him reconstruct the Great Kiva at Aztec Ruins.

Earl Morris was the lead archeologist at Aztec Ruins starting in 1916. He excavated and rebuilt the Great Kiva. Earl used the original foundation that you see below to figure out how to rebuild.


Great Kiva Activity

It’s your turn to be an archeologist and reconstruct the Great Kiva. Place the modern pictures over the matching part of the historic picture to help Earl reconstruct the Great Kiva.

Kiva Stairs
Kiva Pillar
Fire Box
Kiva Map

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Congratulations, you are now an Aztec Ruins Junior Ranger!

As a Junior Ranger, you are responsible for helping take care of all our national parks. To receive your official Junior Ranger patch in the mail, have a parent or guardian help you type your address into the contact form. You need to type the secret code "Great Kiva" into the "Your Message" section of the form.

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