Follow Robert Frost Poetry Trail

Marsh - Billings - Rockefeller National Historical Park 

Language of Landscape

Two of the Robert Frost Poems (stops 1 and 5) along the Robert Frost Poetry Trail

Let the language of Robert Frost's poetry illuminate the landscape of the Park as you listen to The Sound of Trees ponder Leaves Compared with Flowers and follow The Road Not Taken.

Learn about Frost's poetic musings on A Minor Bird and the Drumlin Woodchuck while making discoveries on the grounds of the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller mansion.

Explore Frost's words and 
Come In to the Forest Center and learn about this sustainable classroom in the woods. Let Frost's poem on Mowing give you a glimpse of some park operations

Poems                                    Location
1. The Sound of Trees               Norway Spruce by carriage barn
2. A Minor Bird                          Facing Mansion front porch on right
3. Tree at my Window               Right of Porte Cochere by cedar tree
4. Drumlin Woodchuck              Next to big rock by Gazebo
5. Leaves Compared to Flowers Formal garden entrance
6. Tuft of Flowers                      Exit to garden behind Belvedere
7. Mowing                                 By Pony shed near garden fence
8. The Road Not Taken              Third path down, left end of pasture
9. The Oven Bird                       Path from pony field to carriage Rd
10. Come In                              Above Forest Center by the turn
11. Hyla Brook                          Above Forest Center down path
12. Mending Wall                       Overlooking wall btwn BF & MABI
13. Birches                                Mansion Grounds - double cottage
      A Late Walk                         BF facing wall by triple birch
      Pasture                                BF near yearling cows 1/2 way up

Experience the poetry of this quintessential New England poet. Frost's words will enrich and enhance your experience as you explore this landscape that reflects a legacy of 150 years of stewardship and a story of conservation.  

Download Poetry Trail brochure & map.


Robert Frost Poetry Trail Map

Last updated: October 5, 2015