Plant a Pollinator Garden at Home or School

President's Park (White House)  

Plant a Pollinator Garden at Home or School

A monarch butterfly soars against a blue sky and white clouds above a purple milkweed flower.
A monarch takes flight from its host plant, a milkweed.


Did you know that every third bite of food we eat is due to pollinators? It’s true! Bees, butterflies, birds, and other pollinators help grow our food, keep our flowers blooming, and make our lands healthy. For many reasons, including lack of habitat, pollinators are struggling to survive.

Last year, President Obama directed all federal agencies to assist in pollinator conservation to protect our nation’s food security and to help keep pollinators healthy. The President’s National Pollinator Initiative is a commitment to sustaining the future of pollinators through research, policy, education, and action. As pollinators thrive and multiply, our nation will benefit.

Your help is needed! Pollinators are our friends, so go forth and plant pollinator gardens! W. Atlee Burpee & Co. donated a half a million seed packets to the National Park Service to share with school children across the country. The seed packets have all been distributed, and planted in gardens across the country. You are encouraged to plant your own pollinator garden and be part of this international effort to keep beauty in the air and food on our tables! Share and register your garden at the Pollinator Partnership website