North Olympic National Park Waterfalls

Olympic National Park 

Media Included

  1. Sol Duc Falls - Watch a short video of Sol Duc Falls.
  2. Madison Falls - Watch a short video of the walk to Madison Falls.
  3. Marymere Falls - Watch a short video of 90-foot high Marymere Falls.

Come Experience the Waterfalls of Olympic National Park

tall waterfall seen through trees
Enjoy a walk among towering ancient trees and be rewarded by the sight and sounds of Marymere Falls.

NPS Photo by Carmen Bubar

Olympic National Park (ONP) is home to a variety of environments ranging from glacier topped mountain peaks in the interior, to old grown forests blanketing rich river valleys, to a wild and dynamic coastal strip. Covering over 920,000 acres, ONP protects 12 major river watersheds and is home to more than 3,500 miles of rivers and streams. Those river and streams support over a dozen waterfalls year round, but come rainy season countless waterfalls emerge. 

We invite you to experience the three waterfalls that can easily be found while exploring the north Olympic Peninsula-Madison, Marymere and Sol Duc Falls. Breathe in the fresh forest air, take a stroll under towering giants decades old, and be prepared to hear and feel signs of the falls before you reach them. As you approach you may feel the cold air rush to greet you, getting closer you may even feel a gentle mist spray your face.

Enjoy your visit to the falls but please do so safely.  For your protection as well as resource preservation, please stay on the trail and enjoy the falls from within designated viewing areas. The rocks and vegetation around the waterfall may be fragile, slippery and unstable so please refrain from trampling and climbing.

Madison Falls, Elwha

The Madison Falls Trail begins in the Elwha Valley just inside the park boundary on the east side of the road.  A wheelchair-accessible paved 0.1 miles trail (one way) gains 46 feet of elevation before reaching the 60-foot Madison Falls. A picnic area can be found near the parking lot for the falls.

The Madison Falls trailhead is approximately 11 miles and 25 minutes west of Port Angeles. Take 101 west and turn south onto Olympic Hot Springs Road. 

Marymere Falls, Lake Crescent

The Marymere Falls Trail begins on the south shore of Lake Crescent, just east of the Storm King Ranger Station. The trail travels 0.7 miles (one way) while gradually gaining 200 feet of elevation through old growth forest. Shortly before reaching the falls, the trail crosses two log bridges that lead to a 0.2 mile loop trail that gains 200 feet of elevation with two platforms for viewing the 90-foot Marymere Falls. Picnic areas can be found around the Storm King Ranger Station.

The Marymere Falls Trailhead is approximately 21 miles and 40 minutes west of Port Angeles. Take 101 west and turn north following the signs for the Storm King Ranger Station. 

Sol Duc Falls, Sol Duc

The Sol Duc Falls Trail begins from the parking lot at the end of the 12-mile Sol Duc Road. The trail travels 0.8 miles (one way) through old growth forest with a 50-foot elevation change.   The 90-foot Sol Duc Falls Trail approaches the falls from above, allowing the unusual view of the top of the waterfall. A trail bridge carries hikers across the steep, narrow canyon and provides great falls viewing. After crossing the bridge, the trail leads to additional safe viewing platforms located just upstream.

The Sol Duc Falls Trailhead is approximately 41 miles and one hour west of Port Angeles. Take 101 west and turn south onto Sol Duc Road, following it to the end. 

Last updated: October 14, 2015