Hike the Path of the Johnstown Flood

Johnstown Flood National Memorial 

When the South Fork Dam failed on Friday, May 31, 1889, the water traveled on a 14-mile collision course for Johnstown, PA through the communities of South Fork, Mineral Point, East Conemaugh, Woodvale, and, ultimately, Johnstown.

The Path of the Flood Hiking Trail allows visitors to see the areas where the water coursed through. Imagine setting foot on the same areas where flood survivors stood and watching the water come through. The first half of the path is through a peaceful valley, but imagine the roar of the water, the same roar that survivor's described, reverberating off of the hillsides. The second half of the Path of the Flood is through towns and most of downtown Johnstown. Imagine a townsperson's reaction to the wall of water bearing down upon them.

The Johnstown Flood National Memorial offers guided hikes of the Path of the Flood, with Park Rangers. However, one can hike on their own, if they wish. 

Last updated: April 7, 2015