Find Harpers Ferry Photo & History Scavenger Hunt

Harpers Ferry National Historical Park 

Collage of photos from a group photo scavenger hunt
Collage of photos from a group photo scavenger hunt

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Do you like taking photos? Do you like learning history? Do you like a challenge? If you answered "yes" to these questions, then this activity was made for you!

This photo and history scavenger hunt offers individuals and groups visiting Harpers Ferry an opportunity to learn about the park through their own photography. We invite you to take photos, find the answers to the history questions, interact with park staff, and have fun!

Photos History
  • Take a photo on the Appalachian Trail in Maryland.
  • In what two states does the trail begin and end?
  • Take a photo of a Civil War General.
  • What was Stonewall Jackson's real name?
  • What is the connection between Lee and John Brown?
  • Jackson and John Brown?
  • Take a photo of John Brown.
  • What nearby place did he live/stay prior to his raid of Harpers Ferry?
  • Why did he raid Harpers Ferry?
  • Take a photo of three different states.
  • Name the three states that meet near Harpers Ferry.
  • Name the two rivers that join at Harpers Ferry.
  • Take a photo of the flood marker.
  • In what year was the highest flood?
  • How high was that flood?
  • Take a photo of a place where a building once stood.
  • Name the building.
  • Why are so many buildings no longer here?
  • Take a photo of a fire engine house.
  • Why is this building important?
  • In how many locations has this building been?
  • Take a photo of a Civil Rights group that visited Harpers Ferry.
  • When did they visit?
  • Who was the leader of this group?
  • Take a photo of the man who gathered supplies here before he started on his expedition across our continent.
  • Who was he?
  • What specialized item made of iron was created here at his request?
  • Take a photo of the view Thomas Jefferson called "one of the most stupendous scenes in nature."
  • What year did he visit?
  • Take a photo of the oldest building in Harpers Ferry.
  • Who lived here?
  • Take a photo with a park ranger.
  • Who is this ranger?
  • What is his/her job?


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Last updated: May 22, 2015