Sequoias dusted with snow around a lush meadow
Giant Forest

Martin Brian Lawrence

Sequoia and Kings Canyon are home to the world’s largest trees. These giants can reach the width of a three-lane highway and the height of a 25-story building. What makes them the biggest on Earth, however, is their volume—the amount of wood contained in their trunks.

Experiencing Monarchs

A person walking next to a leaning sequoia
Giant Forest

Tuan Nguyen

The Giant Forest offers 40 miles of trail. Gaze up at the biggest of the big – the General Sherman Tree – or walk past secluded meadows ringed by giant sequoias. Visit Grant Grove for short walks among the biggest monarchs or longer hikes through a secluded groves. Redwood Mountain Grove contains the largest of all sequoia groves and the largest area of old-growth trees. As you hike, you will see signs of many fires – some recent, some ancient.  Look for young sequoia in these burned areas as giant sequoias reproduce most successfully after fire. Wherever you wander, a hike through a grove of ancient sequoias is sure to inspire and amaze.

Last updated: October 16, 2015