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  1. Slatersville - A brief view of Slatersville, America's first mill village.

America's First Planned Mill Village

Portrait of John Slater
John Slater

In 1803, after a decade of running Pawtucket, Rhode Island's Slater Mill, America's first successful water-powered cotton spinning mill, the company of Almy Brown and Slater was looking to expand by building a new mill four times the size of their current mill. However, other manufacuters were also using some of the water power provided by the Pawtucket Falls, so there would not be enough power there to run such a large mill.

To solve this problem, John Slater was sent out to find a nearby site that would provide the water power needed for such a large mill. Join us on this quick video tour of Slatersville to see the mill and support village that John Slater was able to create.