Curecanti Creek

Curecanti Creek Trail is a little known gem of a hike that delights those who venture below the rim. Drive to Pioneer Point on Highway 92, just 10 minutes beyond Blue Mesa Dam. The trail winds its way through oak brush and Ponderosa pine into a canyon. Once in the canyon shade envelops you and you can find such treasures as wildflowers, splashing cascades, and rock caverns that feel like refrigerators. The trail ends up at the mouth of Curecanti Creek where it forms a small beach on the shores of Morrow Point Reservoir.

The climb back out of the canyon requires determination, stamina and water, but you can do it! Switchbacks make it easier; take your time and enjoy the views. Watch for elk, mule deer, black bears, American dippers and Western tanagers.

Last updated: May 6, 2015