Celebrate Diversity at the Crack Post of the Frontier

Fort Scott National Historic Site 

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  1. Fort Scott Movie-Intro - Introductory segment of Fort Scott's movie-Dreams and Dilemmas

Fort Scott National Historic Site

Conflict and Expansion

A 30 star flag flies above a scene with buildings and trees adorned with red autumn leaves
Autumn at the Crack Post of the Frontier

NPS Photo

Its architect, Thomas Swords, said of Fort Scott that he was building the "Crack Post of the Frontier".  While he envisioned a permanent post, he likely did not foresee that stories of westward expansion and the Civil War would converge at Fort Scott as diverse peoples came together in an enduring struggle for freedom.

Destination for Diversity

 American Indians, African Americans, white settlers, and soldiers
Diversity at Fort Scott

Hugh Brown-Artist

In the 1840s, soldiers, settlers and American Indians in the Fort Scott area shared the experience of creating new homes in an unfamiliar frontier environment where forests gave way to prairies.  During the Bleeding Kansas era,  people of diverse thought and opinion (abolitionists, free staters, and proslavery advocates) clashed violently at Fort Scott over competing ideas of freedom.  The Civil War saw the creation of one of the most diverse assemblage of Union soldiers at Fort Scott, as Euro Americans, African Americans, and American Indians united in a common cause to defeat the forces of the Confederacy.  Learn of their stories by walking through the buildings, viewing the movie and exhibits, and reading materials-both in print and online.

Last updated: January 30, 2016