Changing Face of Tumacácori

Tumacácori National Historical Park 

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  1. The Changing Face of Tumacácori - From the earliest sketch in 1849 to today, Tumacácori has undergone extensive transformation. Watch the walls crumble and then build back up with the efforts of the National Park Service preservation team.

Have you ever gone back to a park after years of absence and found it significantly changed?  New facilities get built, old ones disappear, and perhaps the very nature of the place undergoes its own transformation.

At Tumacácori, preservation specialists work tirelessly to prevent the natural erosion of historic features.  They use traditional and modern techniques to maintain the adobe, wood, and plaster.

A common question:  "When is the National Park Service going to restore these treasures?"  It's a tough one to answer.  Modern National Park Service philosophy trends toward preservation and stabilization over restoration, but it was not always so.  

Explore this series of images of the church façade over time.  Can you find evidence of active restoration, preservation, and even natural erosion?

Last updated: April 3, 2015