Become a Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument Junior Ranger

Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument 

The Online Junior Ranger Program at Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument

A ranger shakes the hand of a young junior ranger
The park's 1st official Junior Ranger, Elliot Day, receives his Junior Ranger certificate.

NPS / Tom Engberg

Ready to add to your Junior Ranger badge collection?  Here's your opportunity to collect another badge and learn about an important part of American history.  Visit the Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument Jr. Ranger webpage where you can earn your own Junior Ranger badge.  Junior Ranger candidates can view and download the official quiz and then send it electronically to a park ranger for review.  After you successfully complete the Junior Ranger experience, you will receive your official badge and certificate through the mail.  When you’re finished with the Jr. Ranger program, you can explore the rest of our kids section for fun activities.

Discover the incredible story of Charles Young.  Born into slavery and rising to become one of the most important African Americans of his time, Young was an inspiration to many during his lifetime and developed into one of the greatest military leaders of all time.  Not only would Charles Young lead men on the battlefield, he led men to care for the nation's public lands when he became the first African-American superintendent of a national park in 1903.  You'll also learn about the famed African-American soldiers commonly referred to as the Buffalo Soldiers.  Organized and created after the Civil War, these brave men would crusade for honor, equality and respect despite mixed feelings from the nation they valiantly fought for.  Even though the Buffalo Soldier regiments came to an end in the 1950's, their legacy continues to shine to this day.

Last updated: December 21, 2015