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Marsh - Billings - Rockefeller National Historical Park 

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  1. From the Hills of Vermont - From the Hills of Vermont is a film by Michael Sacca which highlights some of the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park and the Stewardship Institute (formerly Conservation Study Institute) programming efforts relating to place-based, environmental education around the themes of conservation, stewardship in the context of the legacies of the Marsh, Billings, and Rockefeller families. It specifically mentions the Forest for Every Classroom program, the Road-to-the-Pogue running event, and the Forest Festival weekend.

George Perkins Marsh

George Perkins Marsh's treatise
Man and Nature is considered a founding text of the American Conservation Movement and has influenced countless people over its 150 year history. Shown with the book is George Perkins Marsh's walking stick, c 1840-1860, a gift from Caroline Crane Marsh to Frederick Billings in 1883.

NPS Photo

Born in 1801, George Perkins Marsh roamed the forests and pastures of his home in Woodstock, Vermont and took note of his native landscape, learning different kinds of trees and watershed boundaries.

According to Marsh's biographer, David Lowenthal, "Marsh's Man and Nature marked the inception of a truly modern way of looking at the world, of thinking about how people live in and reacted on the fabric of landscape they inhabit."

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Frederick Billings and Family

Frederick Billings

Photo Courtesy of The Billings Family Archive

Frederick Billings and his wife Julia bought the Marsh property in Woodstock in 1869.

Billings set out to plant trees by the thousands to reforest Mount Tom and demonstrate progressive forest management practices. That work, and the commitment to stewardship, was continued by his wife and children.

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Laurance and Mary Rockefeller

Laurance and Mary French Rockefeller

Photo Courtesy of the Billings Farm Archives

Mary French, granddaughter of Frederick and Julia Billings, and her husband, Laurance Rockefeller, continued the stewardship legacy set forth by both Marsh and Billings. One of the foremost conservationists and philanthropists of the twentieth century, Laurance combined the ecological philosophy of George Perkins Marsh with the practical conservationist approach of Frederick Billings.

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