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Superintendent’s Compendium (09/27/2019)
Of Designations, Closures, Permit Requirements and Other Restrictions Imposed Under Discretionary Authority.

Tom Leatherman, Superintendent (09/27/2019 - Signature on File)

Eugene O’Neill
National Historic Site
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In accordance with regulations and the delegated authority provided in Title 36, Code of Federal Regulations (“36 CFR”), Chapter 1, Parts 1-7, authorized by Title 16 United States Code, Section 3, the following provisions apply to all lands and waters administered by the National Park Service, within the boundaries of Eugene O’Neill National Historic Site. Unless otherwise stated, these regulatory provisions apply in addition to the requirements contained in 36 CFR, Chapter 1, Parts 1-7.

Written determinations, which explain the reasoning behind the Superintendent’s use of discretionary authority, as required by Section 1.5(c), appear in this document identified by italicized print.


(a)(1) The following visiting hours and public use limits, and closures are established:

Visiting Hours:
• The normal hours of visitation to the Eugene O’Neill National Historic Site are 10:00a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday.
• Park is closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day, special closures due to construction, weather emergencies or for public safety.

Public Use Limits - Pursuant to §1.5(d) to implement a public use limit, the Superintendent may establish a permit, registration, or reservations system:
• No private vehicle access to the site is permitted. Visitors are transported to the site by an authorized vehicle only, which must be a 25 passenger vehicle or less. Visitors to Tao House must be accompanied by a ranger or docent. Use of the Eugene O’Neill Foundation Library is subject to the same limits of access as all other visitor uses. Tao House is closed to private parties.

• No food or drink is allowed in the historic portion of Tao House.

Unmanned Aircraft System Use:
• The launching, landing or operating or an unmanned aircraft from or on lands and waters administered by the National Park Service within the boundaries of Eugene O’Neill National Historic Site is prohibited.

(a)(2) The following areas are designated for a specific use or activity and/or the following conditions and/or restrictions are imposed on a specific use or activity:

First Amendment Activity: The area adjacent to the south west corner of the new barn/maintenance facility on the asphalt surface within site of the Tao House, Eugene O’Neill
National Historic Site is designated for public assembly and sale or distribution of printed matter. For groups larger than 25 a permit is required as stated in section 2.51(a) below.

Bicycles: The use of bicycles, including e-bikes in the park is allowed as stated in 36 CFR
section 4.3 (a) below. The term “e-bike” means a two- or three-wheeled cycle with fully
operable pedals and an electric motor of less than 750 watts (1 h.p.). Except as specified in
this Compendium, the use of an e-bike within Eugene O’Neill NHS is governed by State law,
which is adopted and made a part of this Compendium. Any violation of State law adopted
by this paragraph is prohibited.

The above are in place to provide maximum Visitor and Resource Protection consistent with current staffing levels.


Activities requiring a permit are listed above under Public Use Limits and throughout this document under the specific 36 CFR Section that authorizes or requires the issuance of a permit.

§1.5(d) The following activities related to Public Use Limits:
• Student activities such as field trips, ranger or docent led tours, or research projects.

§2.5(a) Specimen collection (take plant, fish, wildlife, rocks or minerals)

§2.12 Audio Disturbances:
• (a)(2) Operating a chain saw in developed areas
• (a)(3) Operation of any type of portable motor or engine, or device powered by a portable motor or engine in non-developed areas
• (a)(4) Operation of a public address system in connection with a public gathering or special event for which a permit has been issued pursuant to §2.50 or §2.5

§2.17 Aircraft & Air Delivery:
• (a)(3) Delivery or retrieval of a person or object by parachute, helicopter or other airborne means
• (b)(1) Removal of a downed aircraft

§2.37 Soliciting or demanding gifts, money goods or services (Pursuant to the terms and conditions of a permit issued under §2.50, §2.51 or §2.52).

§2.38 Explosives:
• (a) Use, possess, store, transport explosives, blasting agents
• (b) Use or possess fireworks

§2.51(a) Public assemblies, meetings, gatherings, demonstrations, parades and other public expressions of views

§2.52(a) Sale or distribution of printer matter that is not solely commercial advertising

§2.60(b) Livestock use

§2.61(a) Residing on federal lands

§2.62 Memorialization:
• (a) Erection of monuments (Requires approval from Regional Director)
• (b) Scattering ashes from human cremation

§4.11(a) Exceeding established vehicle load, weight and size limits

§5.1 Advertisements - (Display, posting or distribution.)

§5.2(b) Sale of intoxicants on private lands.

§5.3 Engaging in or soliciting any business (Requires a permit, contract or other written agreement with the United States, or must be pursuant to special regulations).

§5.4(a) Commercial transportation of passengers by motor vehicles.

§5.5 Commercial Photography/Filming:
• (a) Commercial filming of motion pictures or television involving the use of professional casts, settings or crews, other than bona fide newsreel or news television
• (b) Still photography of vehicles, or other articles of commerce or models for the purpose of commercial advertising.

§5.6(c) Use of commercial vehicles on park area roads (The superintendent shall issue a permit to access private lands within or adjacent to the park when access is otherwise not available).

§5.7 Construction of buildings, facilities, trails, roads, boat docks, path, structure, etc.


(b) Hiking or pedestrian traffic is restricted within the courtyard and on the pathways adjacent to the Tao House. Pedestrian traffic is permitted in other areas surrounding the Tao House and other historic structures.

(c )(1) and (c )(2) The following fruits, nuts berries may be gathered by hand for personal use or consumption, in accordance with the noted size, quantity, collection sites and/or use or consumption restrictions:
• Fruits and nuts from the orchard trees in quantities that can be consumed on site.


Camping is prohibited in the park.


Certain areas have been closed to picnicking and are listed in section 1.5(a)(1) “Closures”.
Conditions for Picnicking:
• Picnicking is allowed at the picnic tables adjacent to the Visitor Center, and at the picnic tables near the new barn.

36CFR#2.13, - FIRES

(a)(1) The lighting or maintaining of fires is prohibited.

36 CFR §2.15 – PETS

(a)(1) Possessing pets in public buildings, public transportation vehicles, and the following structures and/or areas are closed to animals or pets:
• Tao House and other historic buildings.
• Service animals (on a six foot or shorter leash) are permitted in all areas.

(a)(5) Pet excrement must be disposed of in accordance with the following conditions:
• Must be placed in a container and disposed of by owner.


(b) The use of horses or pack animals is only permitted on the existing roads in the park.


(a) The following portions of the park, or all or portions of buildings, structures or facilities are closed to smoking or vaping as noted:
• All buildings and vehicles in the park are closed to smoking.


(a)(3)(i) The following areas and facilities within the park are closed to consumption of alcoholic beverages, and/or to the possession of a bottle, can or other receptacle containing an alcoholic beverage that is open, or has been opened, or whose seal has been broken or the contents of which have been partially removed:

• Consumption of alcohol is prohibited in the park unless by permit approved by the Superintendent.


• (b) A permit is required for the scattering of ashes from cremated human remains


(a)(1) The following areas are closed to swimming and bathing:
• Park swimming pool.

36 CFR §4.30 – BICYCLES
(a) Bicycle use, including E-bikes, is permitted on park roads and parking areas only. Except where use of motor vehicles by the public is allowed, using the electric motor to move an ebike without pedaling is prohibited


As of February 22, 2010, a new federal law allows people who can legally possess firearms under applicable federal, state, and local laws, to legally possess firearms in this park.

It is the responsibility of visitors to understand and comply with all applicable state, local, and federal firearms laws before entering this park. As a starting point, visit the California Attorney General's website.

Federal law also prohibits firearms in certain facilities in this park; those places are marked with signs at all public entrances

Last updated: September 27, 2019

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