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The museum collection of Eugene O'Neill National Historic Site represents Eugene O'Neill's life and work during the time he lived at Tao House, 1937-1944. The collection includes personal belongings owned by the O'Neills including- clothing, accessories, and books, as well as original photographs and personal correspondence. Many of the furnishings at the site were not owned by the O'Neills;however, these pieces were selected or created based on historic images of the house and allow us to demonstrate day-to-day life at Tao House.

Museum and Archives collections have an important place in the mission of the National Park Service. Nearly every unit of the National Park Service has some form of a museum and archives collection. These collections may include historic objects, natural history specimens, archeology, and archives. Museum and archives collections offer tangible evidence of who we were and who we are as a society. Museum and archives collections are available to the public through exhibitions, web exhibits, and research. For more information about museum collections in the NPS, please click here.

How do I donate artifacts and archives to the collection?

All objects are reviewed prior to full acceptance into the museum and archives collection. For more information on donating artifacts and archives to the collection, email the museum collection staff with information regarding your possible donation.

How do I complete research of the collection?

The museum and archives can be accessed in person by appointment only. Researchers are encouraged to complete their preliminary research at other archives, libraries, and/or museum collections with a broad topical focus before approaching the holdings of Eugene O'Neill National Historical Site. Eugene O'Neill NHS has limited reference staff and resources that must be made available to researchers whose work focuses on materials available only at Eugene O'Neill NHS. Access to materials is dependent upon their physical condition and level of processing to date by the park staff. If you would like to inquire about researching the collection or set up a research appointment, please email the museum collection staff.

Last updated: May 23, 2018

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